TEP Approach

Are you tired of just sitting and reading or going to all day courses of just question and answers? Learn a whole new approach to prepare for the NPTE with Therapy Exam Prep. You may not realize it but preparing for the NPTE is a journey. The end goal is for you to pass the exam but the process for you to get there is like training for an endurance marathon.

You’ll learn that the NPTE journey focuses on three aspects: the mind, the body and the soul for you to have the best outcome in passing your exam. All of these factors play into how well you will do on your exam and TEP reinforces them in the journey. You’ll acquire strategies to address psychological factors, body influences and soul replenishing for you to be a better practicing Physical Therapist.

Exam Preparation

When preparing for your NPTE, you are being tested on two aspects of the exam – how to tackle the format of the exam and your knowledge to be considered an entry level Physical Therapist. Therapy Exam Prep shows you how to deconstruct the multiple choice questions and answers using a logical step-by-step process. This exam analysis will provide you with the foundation to build your confidence and prepare you systematically for your best outcome.
You’ll know exactly where to begin your studies after taking multiple practice exams and assessing your areas of weakness. TEP helps you devise a study plan based on your focus areas in order to be proactive in your preparation. Strategies and tips are provided to guide you to study effectively.

Clinical Thinking

You were academically trained as a Physical Therapist but the NPTE is written from a clinical context. Therapy Exam Prep’s unique approach teaches you to view the exam questions clinically. TEP’s assignments develop your clinical thinking skills and help you study smarter.
The NPTE is designed based on real patient scenarios and challenges you to clinically analyze and apply your academic knowledge. TEP trains you to view the exam questions as actual patients to prepare you to be a practicing Physical Therapist. This clinical thinking approach gets you to focus on the pertinent information and study smarter rather than harder.


No more traveling across the country to sit in weekend long sessions to prepare for your NPTE. With TEP you can watch live webinars on your computer from the comfort of your home or favorite coffee shop. TEP records the live webinars and provides access to the slides and room chat in case you can’t attend a live session or want to review at a later time. With access to the content online you can reference the materials as often as you like during your program so you can focus on learning.

Prepare and study smarter with shorter spaced out presentations so you can process and retain the information. TEP’s clinical thinking assignments serve to guide you towards understanding the pertinent information required as an entry level Physical Therapist. Relieve exam anxiety by saving time and studying only the important areas for the NPTE.

Community & Support

Do you want to have interactive, personal and ongoing support as you prepare for the NPTE? As part of TEP’s online community you will join other fellow PT examinees on the same NPTE journey to success! A positive atmosphere encourages you to be accountable not only to yourself but to your online study partners.

TEP’s licensed Physical Therapists with years of clinical experience monitor the forums so you can be sure you are getting the information you need. Your learning will accelerate with active participation through asking and answering questions and completing the assignments. Throughout your program you will get feedback and guidance as you follow your structured plan towards reaching your goal of passing the NPTE. Now there’s no reason to study on your own!

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