What does TEP provide?

Therapy Exam Prep provides interactive live webinars twice weekly, over 60 on demand videos,  online forum support and guidance.

Assignments are provided after each webinar / on demand video for you to implement and collaborate to reinforce concepts, strategies and clinical thinking. These assignments are geared to help you as a person to be a better clinician as well as viewing the NPTE clinically. TEP’s assignments have helped prepare for the exam by providing similar examples shown to be consistent with questions that are asked on the actual NPTE.

Is TEP for first timers or repeaters?

TEP is for both first time takers for the NPTE/NPTAE and repeaters. TEP has helped many US trained and Foreign trained PTs/PTAs prepare successfully. TEP focuses on being proactive and preparing in a clinical and smarter approach. Here are just a few success stories and testimonials from TEP’s participants.

Will TEP help PTAs?

Yes, TEP has helped PTAs pass their NPTAE with TEP’s program. The content is geared towards PTs but the exam techniques, strategies and studying is applicable to all. To date, TEP’s pass rate for PTAs is 100%.

Is TEP current to the 2015 NPTE changes?

Yes, TEP already implements the changes for the 2015 NPTE based on the current FSBPT outline. TEP’s main emphasis is the clinical thinking approach which is what the NPTE is geared – clinical based exam. This means that the core foundations should be solid and for you to be able to apply the academic knowledge in a clinical way. TEP is the only exam prep that provides insightful clinical thinking approach.

Does TEP provide a certificate of completion?

Yes, TEP will provide a certificate of completion after the program has been completed. TEP does require for you to be active in the program 90% of the time by posting and completing all assignments in order to obtain a certificate. If the criteria is not met, a certificate won’t be issued. A certificate will not be given prior to the program ending. You would have to notify TEP prior to the program and before the program ends.

When needing a certificate of completion, you’ll want to plan so that the program ends at least one month prior to submitting the information to the state board. A certificate will be emailed and require a week notice.  It is your responsibility to schedule accordingly.

How much does the program cost?

$425 gives you access to 24 live interactive webinars, over  60 on demand videos while in the program, 3 months of online support forums, assignments and other online resources.

Can I be in TEP for less than 3 months?

Yes, you can but not advisable as TEP provides a different approach that takes time to implement new tips, techniques and strategies for you to have the best outcome possible especially if you have taken the exam previously. TEP provides a different approach towards the exams and may challenge your current studying and life habits. TEP emphasis in the program is designed to be applied in the real world setting as if you were working already with many life and time management skills.

My exam date is before TEP’s program end date, what do I do?

You can still benefit being in TEP for less than 3 months as specific exam techniques are provided in the first week that can increase your score dramatically when implemented properly. TEP is not a quick and give me an answer or an academic review but an actual program that focuses on preparing you fully. TEP provides strategies that for the exam techniques, content guidelines and strategies on studying. There have been many participants that have passed without utilizing all 3 months but were active and diligent following the program.

If you have taken the NPTE / NPTAE before, you’ll want to complete the whole program before taking the exam again to be sure you are fully ready. Those that rush into the next exam without being fully prepared don’t fare as well. This exam is clinical based and not academic based where the usual studying techniques (memorizing, cramming, reading and just taking practice exams) won’t be adequate for the NPTE.

TEP is also the only exam prep that provides assessment criteria of whether you are ready or not. TEP has been accurate and here to help you be sure you are completely ready clinically as this is not just a standard exam.

When would you recommend enrolling into TEP if my exam date is further than 3 months away?

The earliest program possible is advisable. TEP focus and emphasis is on proactive preparation. TEP has found that those that wait until only having 3 months until exam didn’t necessarily have enough preparation as unexpected circumstances arose. The strategies, guidance and having to think clinically can take longer than 3 months depending on how solid your academic foundation is when preparing for the exam.

If you have taken the NPTE/NPTAE before and weren’t successful, you’ll want to be sure you give yourself enough time as the NPTE is clinical based and not an academic exam. You’ll want to be sure you are preparing smarter and in the right way from the beginning and not after months of studying. Those that miss more than 50 questions or have a score of less than 750, you’ll want to consider a longer preparation time.

Do you provide support after 3 months?

Yes, TEP provides participants an option for extra forum support until the date of the exam. This is a monthly subscription of $59. This does not include the on demand videos once the program ends. Many take advantage of this once the program ends to be able to ask and answer questions as well as to complete the assignments that are provided by TEP. This also allows for participants extra guidance by TEP’s team when proactive on their preparation.

How can I be helped after failing the exam?

Whether you didn’t pass the first time or if you have tried already multiple times to take the NPTE/NPTAE, know that you’re not alone. TEP was designed to help all participants that are preparing for the board exam. The first two weeks of TEP’s program is designed to address areas that can help you overcome any fears, anxiety and being overwhelmed. TEP provides strategies to help build up your confidence and scores. One key to being successful is being positive, open minded and active while following the techniques provided. TEP encourages a proactive preparation approach to give you a successful passage. Many participants self-confidence has risen even in the first week. Improvements on scores, studying and confidence are shown with active participation and following the program with the guidance from TEP’s team.

How do I enroll?

Enrolling online is very easy. Simply click Enroll and get access the same day as enrollment.

Do I need to prepare before the program begins?

No, there is no preparation needed.

How does TEP compare to IER, Scorebuilders or Therapy Team?

Therapy Exam Prep is a program versus the others that are considered a course. They are academic and test focus but not on you. TEP emphasis focuses on you as a person as there is more than just the exam.


Therapy Exam Prep (TEP)

Therapy Ed (IER)


Therapy Team


Clinical Thinking






Sample Q’s

Sample Q’s


Materials provided

PDFs, slides, on demand videos, assignments

In course study guide

In course study guide








3 months

2 days

2 days

9 days




$4000 / school


Why 3 months for the program?

TEP focuses on making sure that participants are fully prepared and know that there are unexpected circumstances do come up while in the program. The proactive preparation approach that is emphasized during the first couple of weeks sets the ground work for the rest of the program.  TEP utilizes techniques and strategies that may challenge current studying habits for the most efficient way to a smarter and clinical thinking approach.

How do you evaluate participant satisfaction?

Every Therapy Exam Prep participant is asked to fill out a survey after completing the program. Participants assess the instructor, webinars, forums and content based on effectiveness and style. Participants answer whether they would recommend the instructor to friends. The evaluation also asks participants to assess the helpfulness of the program. TEP is constantly improving the services based on participants’ feedback.

What are my options if I miss or can’t attend a live webinar?

All participants have access to TEP’s recordings within 24 hours after the live webinars. These recordings are available only for the duration of the program.

What are on demand videos?

On demand video are recordings of TEP’s presentations that are available to view online.These are available for the duration of the 3 month program access. All on demand videos are available to be viewed as many times as you want and any time while you are in the program.

What materials do I need?

TEP recommends using Scorebuilders and Therapy Ed’s O’Sullivan current year study guide. Since the NPTE has changed since 2013, you’ll want to be sure you have the latest study guides so that you are studying accurately as the blue print is now updated. This is to prevent confusion while you are studying.

Why do we use other study guide books for reference for the practice exams?

TEP does develop our own questions and utilizes the well known PT study guide books to help participants understand the exam analyses and assist with the clinical thinking assignments. In the program, you’ll be asked to take 6 practice exams with the study guide books. The practice exams are scheduled in such a way to provide a more accurate assessment on how you would do as well as to train you to sit for the actual exam.

Will I benefit from taking the same practice exams in the study guide?

Whether you have taken the practice exams once or multiple times, TEP has a distinct way of analyzing the exam and provides strategies on how to read the question properly. The very detailed exam analysis that TEP provides has shown to improve studying efficiently. Many of the techniques provided in the program has shown participants insights in areas to improve throughout the time which improves the actual exam scores.

Does TEP provide course work?

TEP provides over 100 clinical assignments after each webinar and additional assignments to supplement different topic areas. The assignments are there to help you study smarter and not harder. Each assignment is given to help you through an evaluation and how you can apply the knowledge in the clinic. TEP’s assignments have been shown to improve clinical thinking skills and how they can be related to the actual NPTE. The materials are accessible while in the program or extra forum support subscription. TEP changes the material with each session and therefore no two programs are the same. The materials are accessible when enrolled.

Can I interact with the instructors and other TEP participants?

Yes, you can interact, ask and answer questions during the live webinars with the instructor. The main area for questions and answers are on the Members Only Forums. Here you are able to post your answers to assignments for feedback from TEP’s team members as well as from other participants. Look, search and post your questions in the Question/Answer specific topic while you are studying for the exam. The question / answer forums have 100,000‘s of questions from participants that can help you prepare for the exam.

Is TEP legal and recognized?

Yes, TEP is legal and recognized. The FSBPT has known that TEP exists and have been given approval. TEP is also recognized on the APTA site in Licensure Examination Preparation. TEP also has been sponsors at the APTA’s National Student Conclave (NSC) and Combined Section Meeting (CSM) for the past couple of years.

What is the passing rate?

Passing rate is 95%  based on individuals that are fully active and complete the program.

What is the average number of points I could improve my score if I’m retaking the exam?

The range TEP has seen an increase on points are from 30 to 90+. The number of points increased all depends on the individuals that are active, put the time in and follow TEP’s program and implement the strategies provided in the program. A participant that implements majority of TEP’s strategies and think clinically have a solid pass in 740+.

How many hours do I need to dedicate to the program?

Preparing for the NPTE, requires that you study daily from 3 to 6 hours. If you are studying less than 3 hours, you’ll want to expect to study longer than 3 months time to expect a passing score. Also, if you don’t have a solid foundational background, it’ll take you longer to prepare for the exam as this is not an academic test but a clinical exam. This is in addition to the webinars / on demand videos that are presented in the program.

Preparation is key and TEP’s program requires that you follow and actually implement the strategies for a successful passage. Everyone is different in studying and you’ll want to adjust accordingly and be open to preparing longer to understand the concepts for the clinical thinking approach.

I am in school / taking courses / preparing for another exam, should I join?

It’s not recommended that you study for the NPTE with other classes / tests or in school as preparing for the NPTE needs your full attention. It has been done but know that it may take longer than 3 months to fully prepare as time is limited in your day. Many still take TEP while in school or in their last clinical rotation. You’ll want to keep in mind that your energy to dedicate to preparing for this exam does take longer and recommendations are longer than 3 months to be sure to be ready for the exam.

How can I study when working full time / have a family?

TEP accommodates by providing online forums as well as on demand videos for you to see when you are not able to be at the live webinars. You’ll want to make sure that you can set aside some time to study and prepare for this final exam to get your PT license. There have been many participants that have worked full time as well as have a family to attend to and rearrange their schedule to have a successful passage. Many that have gone through the program found that it is beneficial to have at least 6 months of preparation and follow with the extra forum support for the continued guidance from TEP.

Why does TEP focus on the clinical thinking approach?

TEP focuses on the clinical thinking aspect when preparing for the NPTE because the exam is based off of actual clinical and real life case scenarios. TEP guides you on how to think like a PT to be able to answer the question clinically rather than academically. This is also the main focus that the NPTE is designed to test you on for your license.

What does the holistic approach mean?

TEP knows that preparing for the NPTE is an endurance marathon and the exam tests more than just your knowledge. The NPTE tests your mind, body and how you deal with stress and TEP helps you with tips, techniques and strategies to help you reach your best outcome to PASS by addressing your whole body for the exam and not just your mind. This holistic approach has been quite beneficial and has made the difference in someone that passes and someone that doesn’t.

There are 3 parts to the holistic approach that are crucial factors in a successful passage for the exam. The first part is to address any psychological aspects that could affect success (fear, anxiety and lack of confidence), the next part is addressing your body influences  (how well you eat, sleep, physical activity) and the last part focuses on soul replenishing (stress, anxiety, relaxation).

TEP has found these components affect a person’s score – if some is negative, tired all the time and unable to focus and have low confidence and high exam anxieties won’t fare well on the exam. When TEP helps an individual to be positive, healthy and able to focus, reduce stress, anxiety and have confidence, the person is much more successful on the exam.

Do you have live webinars everyday?

No, live webinars are twice weekly. In each month, the schedule of webinars are the following:

Each live webinar runs approximately 1 hour in length.

Will TEP’s program benefit me?

Yes, TEP can benefit you when you want to pass the NPTE. All of TEP’s tips, techniques and strategies have worked successfully over the past decade. It’s up to you to implement them successfully with guidance. TEP has been successful in helping both first timers and repeaters prepare for the board exam. How successful you are will depend on how active you are, how well you follow the program and how well you implement the strategies that are provided.

How long are the webinars / on demand videos?

Live webinars are approximately an 1 hour long. The recorded videos are also 1 hour long. Other on demand videos may range from 10 mins to an hour.

Do I need a computer to access the webinars/forums?

No, you can access TEP’s webinars with your smartphone or tablet. You can also view TEP’s forums with TEP’s forum app.

Does TEP have an installment plan?

No, TEP uses PayPal for payment to reserve your seat.

Do I have to be good with computers to participate in the program?

You don’t have to be an expert on computers but a basic proficiency is required to participate. Being familiar with computers will help especially as the exam is on the computer and many places are now implementing electronic documentation. There are on demand videos when enrolled to help navigate and become familiar with TEP’s forums.

What are the system requirements?

Live webinars can be viewed from any computer, providing they have Adobe Flash installed. Broadband internet connection recommended. TEP live webinars are also available on mobile and tablet devices. You can learn more about our mobile support here: http://bit.ly/vQ15Vg

Is there a phone number I can call to ask questions about your program?

No, TEP is an online business and helps participants all over the world. Due to this and with the many different time zones, TEP can respond to your inquiries much faster by email when you are specific with your questions. If you don’t see your question answered on the FAQ, you can contact us here and be very specific with your question so we can provide an accurate answer within a reasonable time period.

What countries have you helped?

TEP has helped participants in over 30 different countries. TEP has helped people in India, Philippines, Egypt, Ireland, Australia, China, Korea, Japan, England, Netherland, Canada, US, Poland, Colombia, Guam, Kenya, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Africa, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Trinidad, Dubai, Denmark, Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Turkey.

Have you helped US PT / PTA educated before?

Yes, TEP has helped both first timers and repeaters from over 150 different US PT and PTA schools.

Who do I contact for questions on payment?

Payment for TEP is processed by the following company:


1-402-935-2050 (a U.S. telephone number)
4:00 AM PST to 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday
6:00 AM PST to 8:00 PM Pacific Time Saturday and Sunday


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