TEP has provided the necessary tools to overcome the NPTE. Before taking TEP, I suffered from nervousness/anxiety as well as how to analyze the question and what it is asking for in the exam. TEP’s exam process and their clinical thinking analysis really helped me pass my exam. I scored an overall 54 points higher than my previous exam and in one section I scored close to 200 more points than my original. So trust the TEP process and give it some time.

It is great learning environment as everyone is supportive and the moderators are super helpful. Be active in the forums as “you get what you give” as they say. TEP understands that it is not knowing every single material from physical therapy school you learned before but it is knowing how to beat this exam and what the questions are really asking. Most of the knowledge you have is in your brain already but it is just understanding the exam and how to take it. So if you have trouble analyzing and understanding what the question is asking, I highly recommend TEP for you.

My only advice is to trust your abilities, stay strong, think positive and KNOW that you can BEAT this exam. Easier said than done. But YOU have the power to CHANGE the outcome and I know if you work hard, STUDY SMART (not hard), you can pass this exam.

I also just want to say that this exam does not define who you are and how you are as a therapist. You are the smart one that chose this profession and went to graduate school. You are already accomplished! So please don’t let this test define you and don’t let it overcome who you are! Andy- Passed January 2015 NPTE

I just want to thank you for starting the TEP program. I have passed the January NPTE exam. Thinking positive and staying positive is a hard task to do when taking this exam but TEP has helped me face my fear and challenge it. Your staff was great and I am glad i took your program. Andy, passed January 2015 NPTE

I am so happy to share that I passed PTA in my first attempt and now am going to appear for PT exam. Passing the PTA made me bring back my confidence. I wanted to share that I passed my PTA exam due to TEP. TEP helped me understand how to answer the question and how to study smartly. Thank you so much! Bindiya Joglekar, passed January 2015 NPTAE

I wanted to inform you that I have PASSED the boards!! Thank you so much for everything. This was exactly what I needed. It provided me with the structure, tools, motivation I needed to pass this exam!! I couldn’t be happier with the program. I recommend it!!!

I would 100% recommend this program! This provided me with the guidance I needed especially after not passing it on the first try. It provided excellent resources and strategies. I learned how to successfully tackle a NPTE exam question. I also felt the assignments were helpful in terms of thinking clinically. I was able to seat for the exam for the second time with confidence and no anxiety. I am eternally grateful for TEP. Michelle Stein

I want to appreciate to the program the opportunity to learn and grow. This simple change in focus, tips, strategies, perception and education in general can transform a challenge into something positive and “enjoyable” with possible long term benefits. But for that to happen we need to cultivate an optimistic attitude. On a journey we are filled with the expectation of practice our profession with ethics and vocation in order to help others to improve their quality of life!One more time I would like to thank all of you who made an excellent job! Sent from my iPhone!Elaine

I would like to thank TEP so much! Because knowing what and how we feel us retakers gave us more hope to beat this NPTE GAME and TO BE ABLE TO HELP OUR PATIENTS TODAY. You gave us motivation not to lose hope for every second we hold our books and take our practice exams. TEP made me realize all the mistakes I’ve done before that made an impact to my previous exams. The support coming from all the members and interactions from all the physical therapists like me also helped me to PASSED and be a licensed physical therapist. thank you very much TEP. Leandrei

I would say that TEP program was very helpful. It teaches you how to study smart and gives you a positive perspective about the exam. I am glad to have joined TEP to learn new testing strategies that were not provided with previous other exam prep reviews. I was also inspired by friend to had enrolled and successful in the program!Lester M.

Thank you Mye! I can not emphasize how important and impactful the techniques we are taught by TEP are. I urge all the future test takers to heed your advice. I did not pass the exam the first time back in October 2013. My big mistake that time around was overanalyzing and changing some of my answers. I literally change an answer on the last 5 seconds, only to find out that my first choice was correct. That probably cost me the exam, since my score was 598/600. It was a pretty hard lesson to learn, I knew better! This time around I approached the exam as I was taught by TEP. I probably did not read half of the questions, went straight to the stem. Often I did not even read all the answers. I did not overanalyze or change answer except for one that I was 100% sure of the reason for the change. If I came to a question that really stumped me, I did not panic, I heard your voice saying “what do you know about this?” and then usually found the answer staring at me. It payed off! Thank you! Simone Buhler, Passed, April 2014

I would like to say that I really find the program very helpful. I appreciated a lot those tips and strategies you taught. I really want to pass the NPTE, the very reason why I continue to look up to your support by continuing the program. Rhona, TEP participant

TEP really helped me create an organized study plan that I could stick to. I really enjoyed the live webinars which helped me to stay on track everyday and avoid procrastinating. I realized that sometimes less is more when it comes to studying and learned how to focus my study topics to be more efficient with my time. The positive thinking, affirmations, & techniques I learned to utilize during the exam helped me become a better test taker. I tend to over analyze and have a lot of anxiety but the tips I learned from TEP helped me overcome these obstacles in order to succeed! I want to thank TEP for helping me PASS the NPTE and would highly recommend their program to others preparing to take the NPTE. Brittany, Passed April 2014

After two failed NPTE attempts, I never believed I would pass the exam. I had believed the way in which I was preparing for two years was sufficient, and that my clinical experience working as a Canadian trained Physiotherapist for 2 years was enough. However, I learned through the TEP program that the NPTE is a different type of exam, which requires a different form of preparation.

The program teaches you to think differently, not just in terms of your current clinical skill set, or how you review multiple choice exams, but also how important your mind frame and thoughts affect your well being and approach to studying. TEP really breaks things down for you, in order for you to be motivated to study 3 hours a day for 3 months, which is a big accomplishment when you’ve already put in 6 years of schooling for a MSc degree, and are working a full time job as a PT.

The TEP program really encourages you to slow down, and stop breezing through material you already know, in order to focus on your areas of weakness through a detailed exam analysis. The active learning approach through the forums, and the online sessions, moulds you into become an efficient NPTE test taker.
I believe if you truly apply yourself through the TEP method, not only can you pass the exam, but also greatly reduce the stress of your NPTE journey. Ana Delic, passed October 2013, Score 649

To be honest, enrolling in the TEP program has made me the best person I can be. I have learned to tame down my panic attacks, went back to my old disciplined self, that entails having everything planned, organized and executed systematically balanced with relaxation and accomplishing personal and household duties . Best of all, I now study to treat the questions as patients and learned how not to study academically – that is understanding, being focused,analyzing without memorizing and being overwhelmed. The 30 min chunks and the focus topics really works for me. True enough it saves a lot of time. TEP is really worth the pay…more I can say!! A blessing indeed!!! Carmen

I would like to thank Therapy Exam Prep and Karen for a better exam preparation experience for the NPTE. I took the exam in July and passed! This was my eighth time taking the exam. I prepared for 5 1/2 months and really changed the way I studied. I have a friend of mine who took it three times and I referred her to try your program! Thank you again for everything! Karen Brizida, passed July 2013

My journey had rough turns and bumps and had two attempts but it didn’t stop me from trying. I asked myself if it was really difficult for a foreign trained to pass the exams. I even started doubting myself if I could be an effective therapist since been out of practice for sometime. I read the review books I’ve known and still I’m missing something until OMS introduced me to TEP. Having TEP is like someone guiding how to study in chunks but in effective way. I realized that it is important to incorporate clinical thinking while studying and most of all, to physically, mentally, emotionally prepare for the exams. If I could say two words that would be Thank you. I passed my exams and I know I have a lot of people to thank to and one of them is Ms. Miye. Thank you, TEP has helped me achieve my goal and that is to be a Registered Physical therapist. Rowena Checa, passed April 2013

I have more confidence and clarity as to how to tackle the NPTE and how to be a real Physical Therapist because of the guidance I get here. I know I needed support and guidance that TEP is providing. I am very grateful and feeling so blessed. So thank you TEP, Miye, Karen, all the people who make this program possible and to all the members. R. Hill

The TEP program – I’ve been through a couple of different prep courses, and TEP already has given me so many great tools to approach this exam in a different manner than I have in the past. I really feel like this program will be the key to my success!!! Deanne C.

Over the last 3 years I have dedicated my life to PT school and my future career of becoming a physical therapist as I graduated in May of 2012. As I began to prepare to take my boards exam in July, I became overwhelmed with the amount of information that I felt I needed to learn before the exam. I bought the O’Sullivan Study book and read it cover to cover and felt like I learned nothing by the time my board exam arrived. I had no confidence in myself to pass the exam and knew the day I took it that I would probably be taking it again. As I hypothesized, I was unsuccessful. I have always struggled with confidence, but after my first attempt at the NPTE my confidence fell even more. My parents and I found the TEP on the APTA website and decided it was worth a shot! As I went through the course I learned so much about myself as a student, a future physical therapist and a person. My confidence grew and I knew that I would pass the NTPE in October with no problems, and I was right! I couldn’t have done it without the TEP and am now a licensed physical therapist in the state of Iowa. Thank you TEP for all your help, I wouldn’t be were I am today without the help of this great tool! Thanks again Miye!!! ~ Libby Rasmussen, passed October 2012

I want to thank you for the help you provided with TEP. I passed the NPTE that I took on 10/23 and ended up scoring very well overall. I feel that the TEP program was very useful to me as an adjunct to my regular study method to let me know what to expect on the exam. Incorporating the TEP method and structure with my personal study habits was very helpful. The extra forum support at the end was also fantastic! I will definitely recommend it to students at the University of Oklahoma Health sciences center (OUHSC) and anyone I may run into in the Boston area where I now live! Thank you very much for everything! ~Maggie Cochrane, PT, DPT, NSCA-CPT

I passed my exam. I cannot thank you and the TEP staff enough. The way the program was broken down and specific assignments was a new way to learn for me. I am lucky enough to have found a program that worked with my style of learning. Making sure that there was a little bit done every day to bring me success was exactly what I needed. I think I benefited most by the continued feedback I received with the daily posts. The best advice I could give for TEP participants is to stay active. It was really important for me to feel a part of a “team” instead of studying with colleagues where it still felt like a competition. Thank you so much for your help. – J. Lewis, passed October 23, 2012

I passed!!! Thank you so much for the help! TEP definitely helped guide my studying and prepare me better! You’re awesome!! It was awesome, touched all bases on how to prepare and gave me the confidence to take the test with pride and know I passed without a doubt in my mind. – Matt Vellucci, passed October 23, 2012

During my initial attempt to prepare for the NPTE I was anxious, unorganized, and my method of studying was not adequate to pass the exam. TEP helped me get organized, study smarter, and think positive. The constant online support from staff and members was extremely helpful. The webinars and assignments helped get me on track, which improved my confidence tremendously. I am happy to report that I have passed the NPTE thanks to TEP and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to others. Good luck to those preparing for the exam! – Aracelis Rodriguez, passed July 2, 2012

“I want to let you know that thanks to TEP, I was able to plan and organize my studies. At first, I didn’t know where to begin but after taking practice exams, I was able to identify my deficiencies, create a list of focus topics and work on them. I learned how to analyze a question and the multiple choices using a step by step exam process you provided. Since the program was based on patient / clinical scenarios approach, it was helpful to improve my clinical thinking. The fact of having you and Karen to get feedback and help during this time as well as a study partner everyday to follow the study plan, has made the journey less difficult.” – C. Santa

“The main advantages of the program are:
1. For a new student who is going to take NPTE it helps to take the right approach.
2. The forum has a lot of clinical reasoning material which help to understand concepts.
3.Helps to meet students who are sailing in the same direction and make friends.
4. All of the above, all the staff are dedicated in their work.”
– Surya, passed March 2012

“I found TEP very helpful in preparing for the NPTE. Instead of just jumping right into studying they provided the tools to help the student find balance between studying and our daily lives. I learned to take time to meditate, relax, have fun, and be a productive studier each day. They really focus on the whole person not just the part of us that needs to pass the exam. The daily assignments helped me stay on track and regain focus. I was always provided encouragement and help when I needed it. TEP takes something that is very stressful and makes manageable and less overwhelming.” – Damhnait Porter, passed January 2012

“TEP has provided me with easy tips and tools to approach the NPTE in a relaxed frame of mind. Eating the right foods and integrating physical activity into your lifestyle is a prudent component to a healthy, focused and relaxed mindset. TEP helped me realize that its not always to your benefit to study 12 hrs a day because your mind needs to process what you learned. TEP allowed and encouraged me to do the things I loved at the same time as studying. Life does not need to be put on hold in order to succeed down this journey. To those who may be reading this, do not give up on your dream. If you made it this far, you are capable of passing this exam. Good Luck to all!” – Chana, passed December 2011

I am getting great benefits after joining the TEP program. I am thoroughly happy I opted for this program. Thank you so much Miye, you always keep me on my toes and I like that. The most helpful benefit from TEP I can say would be the approach you use – EXAM ANALYSIS. I realized how crucial this is to arrive at the correct answer from all the helpful little hints you gave us. Hats off to you Miye. TEP ALWAYS ROCKS!!!!!!!! I am already spreading the word of TEP to my friends and how I am benefiting from it. I HAVE PASSED THE NPTE – is my slogan nowadays. Thank you so much Miye for building so much confidence within me. – G. J.

TEP is a..very good program with all high values, guiding us in step by step everyday towards success to overcome all our negative thoughts, emotions, fear changing it into positive ones buliding our confidence & courage with their awesome support system to be succesful person in our GOAL of passing NPTE. TEP is responsive, reliable and results oriented program, by following it devotedly & with discpline way our goals will be accomplished within stimuplated time frame. TEP is a program for NPTE and for life, coaching us in “holistic” approach towards more productive & fruitful life! TEP is dedicated,determined and devoted towars our success! TEP is convenient, caring and training our brain to think clinically and treat each NPTE question as PT. TEP is an art of meaningful life program for NPTE preparation & have a better life than ever! I wish all my friends, colleagues and future TEP program aspirants best of luck and great succesful life in all their future endeavours! – Samir

“I am enrolled in TEP and LOVE the course. We have webinars (like a class), we have assignments, support, and guidance about all the aspects of the exam including the mental, emotional, physical pieces that all need to come together to pass this exam. We in TEP have a moderator for our forums so that all information posted is correct. We have someone we can ask questions if we need to. We have all of the other members to bounce ideas off of and get encouragement. I have a totally different outlook on the exam this time around and I know that TEP is responsible for my new POSITIVE and confident attitude towards the NPTE.”
– Dorothy C.

“I am a PT from India, planning to take my NPTE on may 25th. I signed up for the TEP course a few weeks ago and I am really loving it. Its been about 7 years now since I graduated so I needed guidance regarding a study plan that will work when you are taking care of 2 kids and the household work. TEP not only provides such a study plan but it also takes care of other important things like health tracking, fears, staying positive, visual imagery, strengths and weakness assessments. Miye Fonesca has been very helpful with her prompt replies all the time with all our questions and concerns. I not only get all the tips about NPTE preparation but it also helps me to stay motivated. It has given me a positive attitude now when I study. TEP is there to help you with everything regarding a sample study plan, weekly schedule, daily plan, webinars that emphasis on each system, understanding the NPTE exam throughly. The program also stresses on clinical thinking as a PT rather than just studying from the textbooks. As far as the security concerns it is totally safe with no exchange of any exam questions and any copyrighted materials. They really are one of the best NPTE preparation programs at a reasonable price and provide positive and true feedback every time.” – Jhampu

“The little tips on the best times to study and what to focus on really helped. Also taking the day off before the exam, I think that helped to relax me a little bit. I think the fact that someone was there who was an ‘outsider’ (not close friend or family member) also grounded me a bit because I knew they weren’t just saying things to help me chill out, but they really had good tips they wanted to share with me so I would pass the NPTE. I think that if anyone is nervous about making sure they cover all the different concepts tested on the NPTE, and want someone who will help them every step of the way and keep you honest about it, I think this will be a great addition to your study technique!” – Lauren Q.

“This is a totally different approach towards studying. I am really enjoying my exam analysis part now, just trying to compare myself with the results of my first test. It feels good and keeps me motivated to focus more. Thank you for showing us this different path of self-assessment, it sure is encouraging.” – jhampu

“Thanks to your advice to take the tests — i always used to think that we need to complete studying all the topics before giving the sample test. now i know where to start my preparation.” – Iraavi

“Breaking the outline of focus topics into content sections, has helped me see more of my weaknesses and understand the NPTE not only by system but by content now

This doesn’t look overwhelming anymore, it is do-able.” -Rita

“This program has just started and it has been extremely helpful already!  Usually the past courses that I have taken, they just go over a few topics, and some suggestions during studying, but they don’t really guide you after that, you are just on your own.  With TEP, it is great because there is someone to give you feedback on everything, from eating right, to studying, and to thinking positive.  For me this is all important, because I have taken the exam before, and have lost motivation and started thinking it was impossible.  But with the help of TEP in designing on a daily schedule it has kept me more focused than ever, and I have learned more now than when studying on my own without guidance.  I hope to continue to grow with this program!” – Rita B. Gambhir

“Your TEP program helps me a lot. It can’t be explained in a word actually. Before TEP I didn’t even know where to start. But now I am confident enough to take the NPTE. TEP Makes me well organised in both my personal life and study style. TEP saves my time, energy and money. I feel so lucky. I will highly recommend TEP to all other NPTE takers.”

Thanks to u and all other members of TEP.” -Rishu

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