I am happy to report that I have passed the NPTE – Aracelis Passes July 2nd NPTE

Aracelis Rodriguez joined May 2012 and utilized the beginning part of the program to prepare for her NPTE. She now shares her thoughts about being in TEP’s program.

Aracelis Rodriguez passes NPTE“During my initial attempt to prepare for the NPTE I was anxious, unorganized, and my method of studying was not adequate to pass the exam.

TEP helped me get organized, study smarter, and think positive. The constant online support from staff and members was extremely helpful. The webinars and assignments helped get me on track, which improved my confidence tremendously.

I am happy to report that I have passed the NPTE thanks to TEP and I wholeheartedly recommend this program to others.  Good luck to those preparing for the exam!”

  • Lamb1219

    So was it worth the money?!?  I have been out of PT school for a few years and I’m trying to study but finding it hard to do so on my own.  Is it as good as you say it is??  Just dont want things sugar coated. lol

    Congrats on passing!!!

    • Arod1279

      Thank you Lamb1219! Yes, it is definitely worth the money. I, like you had trouble studying on my own. I was anxious and confused as to what I should focus on. I ended up trying to get through the entire study guide.
      My first attempt at the NPTE was unsuccessful and I knew that my study method had to change but I didn’t know how else to approach it. I found TEP through the APTA website and decided to take a chance. It helped me so much that I spread the word to other classmates and the director of the DPT program I attended.
      Prior to my first attempt I had taken a different review course, which did not work for me so I do have something to compare TEP to. TEP’s approach is more in depth and provides more guidance. I’m providing my honest opinion; no sugar coating here. LOL good luck on your journey! 🙂

  • Congratulations it is your hardwork that bring rich fruit to you. Give us also the suggestions to pass the npte exam. 

  • rhodgen agum

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