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How TEP helps Mary Sue for NPTE Readiness

I receive daily emails about “How does Therapy Exam Prep(TEP) prepare someone for the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE)?” The answer to this question depends on the needs for the individual as there is no generic template to preparing someone for exam success. TEP understands that each participant that joins the program will have different .. read more

TEP’s Free NPTE Holiday Newsletter

As the winter holidays are coming, I am getting several emails about how to prepare and study for the NPTE in the upcoming months. In 2011, TEP provided a free NPTE Holiday Guide PDF with tips and strategies for studying, eating healthy, family / friend time and coping with illness. Many candidates found these strategies helpful and reduced the .. read more

NPTE Mistake – Using it as a Practice Exam

“I just used yesterday’s NPTE as a practice exam to really prepare for the January NPTE.” That was a very pricey practice exam and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this from someone preparing for their license. My advice is always the same: Don’t use the actual NPTE as a practice exam. That’s what .. read more

NPTE Studying Mistake – Studying the Day Before

“I just have to look at notes today or I’ll forget everything I know!” Was a response given to me while advising candidates to not study or review the day before the NPTE. At this time, looking at any new or even reviewing can increase test anxiety, fear or doubts just before the actual exam .. read more

NPTE Studying Mistakes – Cramming Two Weeks Prior

“I feel like my brain is so full and can’t comprehend anything anymore! I’m so nervous that I feel I am forgetting things. What should I do? Cram more or stop studying? Help me, I want to PASS!” As the upcoming NPTE exam is soon approaching, I receive panic emails daily similar to the one .. read more

NPTE Studying Mistake – Too Many Resources

“I don’t know where to start studying or what books to refer to. Can you give me a list of recommended books to help me prepare while in TEP’s program? I just want to make sure I can cover everything!” That’s a common question I receive both from participants and those not in TEP’s program. .. read more

TEP’s Free Live Webinars for October NPTE

Therapy Exam Prep (TEP) provides a series of three free live webinars for the upcoming October NPTE. These live webinars are geared towards participants from TEP’s program but are still helpful to all that are taking the upcoming exam. The seats are limited and reservation is required. TEP’s participants are provided access first. The dates .. read more

How I achieved NPTE Success with TEP by Mansi Parikh

There is more to the NPTE than meets the eyes and Mansi shares below both her successful story as well as her journey with TEP. The NPTE is clinically based and Mansi finds out how academic study habits doesn’t necessary equate to a successful exam score. “I would like to thanks Miye, Karen, and Rafael .. read more

Pavni Shrivastava: How My NPTE Score Increased by 101 Points with TEP

There is more to the NPTE than just thinking it is just an exam to overcome especially after an unsuccessful attempt. There are different areas to focus on and TEP provides practical strategies to approach the exam in a clinical manner with test taking skills being enhanced with the holistic approach towards the NPTE. This .. read more

TEP’s Free Live Webinars for July NPTE

Therapy Exam Prep’s (TEP) will be presenting a series of 3 FREE live NPTE webinars for the upcoming July NPTE exams. Normally TEP webinars are only for the participants that are a part of TEP’s exam prep program but all could benefit from these last minute tips and learn the assessment criteria for readiness. Space .. read more

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