Realizing the PT Dream After Passing the NPTE

I recently got an email from Shilpa below: I am extremely glad to share with you that I passed April NPTE in flying colors. I can certainly attribute my success to TEP’s program and instructions. Your valuable suggestions really helped me fill up the gaps in my critical reasoning and understanding skills. Strategically, I was able to .. read more

Reflecting Upon NPTE Prepartion

There’s more to the exam than meets the eye when preparing for the NPTE and in TEP, there’s more than just an exam preparation; it’s a program that encompasses the participant fully to become the best clinician after taking the exam. Throughout TEP’s program, assessing is key to adjust study plans and preparation in order .. read more

A Successful Breakthrough with the NPTE

I was contacted shortly after the October NPTE results came out from Preeti Kaur. She was down and out from another unsuccessful NPTE attempt. My conversations of commending her to reach out for help, went over her head at first; however, as I shared my own story, it encouraged and raised her spirits to prepare for the .. read more

Test Anxiety Reduced for NPTE Success

After an unsuccessful NPTE attempt, Maria was referred to Therapy Exam Prep by a fellow colleague that had gone through the program with success. Maria was determined to be successful on her next attempt and was dedicated to her preparation. During the program, TEP saw a transformation where Maria’s confidence grew as she tackled her .. read more

Achieving NPTE Success

Here’s a success story of how Andy overcame the NPTE after joining TEP’s program in November 2014. “TEP has provided the necessary tools to overcome the NPTE. Before taking TEP, I suffered from nervousness/anxiety as well as how to analyze the question and what it is asking for in the exam. TEP’s exam process and .. read more

Going from Almost Passing to a Solid NPTE Score

After an unsuccessful attempt at the NPTE, Nidhi Mehta had contacted Therapy Exam Prep in November for help on performing better for the next exam in January. Throughout the program, Nidhi was active by asking questions on the forums, implementing strategies and improving on her practice exam scores. By the end of the program, she .. read more

TEP’s NPTE Success: Tonquita Knott

A year ago, Tonquita emailed Therapy Exam Prep (TEP) about being discouraged after an unsuccessful attempt and had asked for help to prepare for the NPTE with a new approach. It wasn’t until July 2014 when she enrolled into TEP’s 3 month online NPTE exam preparation program. Throughout the program, Tonquita was committed by being very active both .. read more

Vidhu Soni: NPTE Success with TEP!

Thank you Miye and TEP Team! I have no words to express my thanks for the incredible support by the TEP team. I passed both the NPTAE and NPTE by just applying TEP’s tips & strategies provided by Miye in her program. I had lot of test anxiety but TEP helped me overcome it with positive .. read more

NPTE Studying Mistakes – Cramming Two Weeks Prior

“I feel like my brain is so full and can’t comprehend anything anymore! I’m so nervous that I feel I am forgetting things. What should I do? Cram more or stop studying? Help me, I want to PASS!” As the upcoming NPTE exam is soon approaching, I receive panic emails daily similar to the one .. read more

How I achieved NPTE Success with TEP by Mansi Parikh

There is more to the NPTE than meets the eyes and Mansi shares below both her successful story as well as her journey with TEP. The NPTE is clinically based and Mansi finds out how academic study habits doesn’t necessary equate to a successful exam score. “I would like to thanks Miye, Karen, and Rafael .. read more