TEP Instructor - Miye Fonseca Hello fellow PT, Welcome to Therapy Exam Prep (TEP)!

I am Miye Fonseca, PT, DPT and I am here to help you PASS the NPTE in a smarter and better way. I have developed TEP for you to have an edge on preparing for the board exam in a positive and supportive community. This is done by studying online, understanding how to tackle and be able to think clinically towards the exam with guidance from licensed PTs. Whether it’s your first time or have taken the exam before, TEP provides strategies that can prepare you to PASS with your active participation.

How Therapy Exam Prep compares with other exam preps:

Therapy Exam Prep (TEP)

Therapy Ed (IER)


Therapy Team


Clinical Thinking






Sample Q’s

Sample Q’s


Materials provided

PDFs, slides, on demand videos, assignments

In course study guide

In course study guide








3 months

2 days

2 days

9 days




$4000 / school


When you are a part of TEP’s program, you are not alone in studying but with many other participants that are studying towards the same goal as you online which is to PASS the NPTE. You’ll be guided during your first month with the core foundations to help you succeed:

During the rest of the program, you are provided with on-going guidance, feedback and advice from licensed PTs through the emails, webinars and on our member only forums.

These are just the stepping stones to your road map for success. TEP’s emphasis is about being proactive on your preparation by looking at the following key areas to help you pass:

Each of these components are addressed in the program to give you the best results. TEP provides many tips and strategies throughout the program for the following:

Learn from home or mobile with TEP’s online NPTE webinar program:

I look forward to helping you succeed!

Better NPTE Preparation

Get the support and guidance you need for the NPTE for up to 3 months online. Experience your NPTE journey from different angles to help you achieve your goal of PASSing your most important exam before you begin your Physical Therapy career.

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