Therapy Exam Prep’s (TEP) programs currently implements the new 2015 NPTE changes that have been outlined by the FSBPT.

Therapy Exam Prep’s ongoing live webinars go over relevant and current NPTE format written questions developed by TEP. These questions are clinically based and are similar to what may be on the exam. In each webinar, new topics are covered and developed based upon participants needs.

Live Webinar session covers:

Live Webinars Monthly Schedule:

Therapy Exam Prep has organized the best way to prepare for the first month with instant access to on demand webinars into the following sections:

Exam Prep Week

TEP has completely deconstructed the NPTE and provides a full week of exam analyses that no other NPTE prep course provides! We believe in giving you the exam foundation for you to build your knowledge and confidence when preparing for the NPTE. TEP takes the approach of each question as a patient to emphasize the clinical thinking of an entry level PT.
Day 1: Introduction / Program Success / NPTE
Day 2: Psychological Factors / Exam Analysis – Systems & Content Sections
Day 3: Body Influences / Exam Analysis – Question Breakdown
Day 4: Soul Replenishing / Exam Analysis – Multiple Choice Breakdown / Exam Process
Day 5: Study Plan / Goal Settings
Day 6: Proactive Preparation
Day 7: Relaxation Techniques

Study Prep Week

This second week is about being proactive on your preparation and sets the foundation for the rest of the weeks when you are studying for the NPTE. TEP helps you address different situations that may occur and for you to be able to handle throughout the NPTE journey. When you know that you can control how you will feel, react and think when unexpected or thoughts come up, you’ll have a plan to help you keep you focused on your studies. By having different plans to address, you’ll find yourself having confidence and control of how you study that helps you with the optimal outcome of passing the exam.
Day 1: Brain Dump / Practice Exam
Day 2: Positive Mindset / Motivations
Day 3: Distractions / Support System
Day 4: Practice Exam / Analysis
Day 5: Schedules
Day 6: Nutrition / Meal Planning
Day 7: Physical and Relaxation Activities

Systems Overview Week

TEP provides a brief overview of each of the systems and content sections that are covered under the NPTE guidelines. Each day focuses on one system and how you can think clinically in order to study smarter for the exam. Clinical thinking assignments are given following the webinars to reinforce concepts and help guide you to improve on your weakness topics.
Day 1: Musculoskeletal
Day 2: Neuromuscular
Day 3: CardioPulmonary
Day 4: Integumentary
Day 5: Metabolic & Endocrine
Day 6: Gastrointestinal & Gentiourinary
Day 7: Systems Interaction (MultiSystems)


Here the webinars focus on other topics – Learning, Teaching, Safety, Professional Roles, Research and Therapeutic Modalities and Assistive Devices to round out your knowledge for the NPTE. Other on demand webinars are provided to help you understand concepts and are geared to help you remember for the exam.
Day 1: Safety and Protection
Day 2: Professional Responsibilities
Day 3: Research
Day 4: Therapeutic Modalities Overview
Day 5: Assistive Devices Overview
Day 6: Time Management
Day 7: Clinical Thinking

Other On Demand Videos

TEP provides other on demand videos throughout the second and third month that addresses both test taking skills, studying, clinical thinking and other NPTE content. There are over 30 additional videos with corresponding assignments to help reinforce concepts to study smarter. Some of the videos include: Gait, ECG, Orthotics, Imaging, and Spinal Mobilizations.

Clinical Thinking on demand videos help you view and preparation for the NPTE in a more effective, smarter and clinical approach. The following videos that help you gear towards the exam are:
Exam Questions
Exam Answers
Brain Dumps
Study Guide References

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