At last, an unknown is now known! FSBPT announced that both April NPTAE and NPTE examinees are able to schedule and sit for them in May. In general, the Prometric centers are closed until May 1st; however, that doesn’t take into account those areas of hotspots that go beyond this date such as in June.

Can I Reschedule After Cancelling NPTE April Exams?

If you have already cancelled and rescheduled for the July NPTE exams, you wouldn’t be able to reschedule again to sit for them in May. This is because the exam registration date for April has already past.

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Receiving New ATT Letters

Those eligible for April NPTE can expect new Authorization to Test (ATT) letters to be emailed out. Once you receive a new ATT letter, you’ll be able to schedule for the exam during the May window.

Reduced Number of Seats

Keep in mind when planning for the new NPTE exam date in May, that the Prometric site will be practicing social distancing. This means that there will be a limited number of seats available, less than usual to keep the spacing. There will also be a limited number of seats for this particular exam as the Prometic site will have other exams to schedule as well.

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Scheduling New NPTE Date

Instead of just one date for this NPTE exam, it’s a window throughout the month of May. Currently, it’s unknown whether the Prometic center you are scheduling for will allow you to pick your date and time to sit for the NPTE. You may just be given the next available date and time or a few choices. Just be ready for flexibility as you prepare for this new exam date in May.

NPTE Results

At the moment, it’s unknown how quickly you’ll get your NPTE results back after you have taken the exam. The usual timing would be about 6 days after you have taken the NPTE.

Scheduling for the Law Exams

Just like for the NPTE, you’ll get a new ATT letter to schedule for this shorter exam. If you have to schedule a law exam, the usual 60-day window has been changed to 90-days. This will continue until further notice.

Do Not Do Man

Just Remember

Keep in mind that since the April NPTE exams are rescheduled throughout May, it’ll be crucial to not talk with others after you have taken the exam. And for those that are taking the exam later in the month, don’t ask those that have taken the exam about any NPTE questions. Remember that you’ll be jeopardizing your license and others when asking or relaying information about the content material from the actual NPTE.

Getting Back to Studying

Even before getting the new ATT letter and definitely after you receive the letter, continue to prepare and study for the NPTE. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster, but here’s what you can focus on during the last month for preparation. Now that you’ll have an exam date soon, don’t let the test anxiety nerves come up. Start simulating the exam day by taking full-length NPTE practice exams. Take some time to review and remember to take care of yourself mentally and physically for this NPTE marathon. Be safe and be ready to pass this exam!

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