Before taking the NPTE or NPTAE, you’ll want to be sure to avoid the most common mistakes that 98% of examinees make when taking their board exam. Each examinee that takes the exam should know what mistakes brings scores down and how to avoid them. After a decade of helping examinees prepare, there are common themes that occurred and now can be avoided with Therapy Exam Prep’s video series. This series was made so that everyone preparing for the boards wouldn’t make the same mistakes and provides strategies to implement right away.

Many examinees expressed that test taking skills were not strong or taught in school. TEP has analyzed and developed strategies that provides different ways to tackle the exam and approach both the questions and answers in order for anyone to become a better test taker. The strategies make approaching exam much easier and increases scores.

With the lifetime limit of 6 attempts now in place, each attempt really counts. TEP has developed accurate guidelines on what an examinee’s practice exam scores should be prior to the actual exam. In the video, misconceptions of what is considered a good enough score, actual score calculations and explanations are provided to understand how a solid practice exam score is needed to pass confidently.

Imagine getting a great NPTE / NPTAE passing score! This 3 part video series is a MUST see for anyone who wants to beat the exam. Avoid missing points that could mean the difference between passing and failing. See how common mistakes bring down exam scores and implement strategies that can be used today to be a better test taker.

Part 1 – Common Mistakes

The top 3 exam mistakes made by thousands of examinees. Consequences, reasons, clinical examples and strategies to reduce those mistakes are presented. Examples are provided to illustrate how mistakes are made and how they cause lower scores on the exam.

Part 2 – Test Taking Strategies

Information is provided on timing, question anatomy, test taking strategy and how to approach the questions and answers with walkthroughs. Portions of TEP’s exam process are discussed to help avoid mistakes made from the first video. Examinees that have implemented these exact strategies have gotten high scores including a perfect 800 on the exam.

Part 3 – Practice exam assessment and readiness

Practice exam criteria for a solid passing score, score calculations, example practice exam breakdown, practice exam score correlation, factors affecting scores, brief criteria of readiness and reschedule criteria.

“I viewed the videos today and I thought that they were great! It was a good reminder for me of the things that were taught/suggested in the TEP program. I think it will greatly benefit others who are looking to take the NPTE, especially those who are unfamiliar with the TEP program and process to approach the exam. I would recommend the videos to anyone who is on the journey to pass the NPTE! I liked how you provided sample questions to show that the strategies can work if you put some time and thought into implementing them. I also liked how you provided an additional video of what to do next after viewing the videos and maybe discovering you aren’t as ready for the exam as you thought you were. That kind of advice/guidance of what to do next is really great especially since I have been in that place before of not knowing what to do next until your program was recommended to me.
Thank you for letting me know about the video series and I will definitely recommend it to others who are preparing for the NPTE.” ~ Ellen Bond – Passed

“Great exam breakdown of how to approach the question even for a good test taker. The test is going to be long and good strategy will help when anybody starts to get exhausted and out of focus.” ~ Kate

“I would definitely recommend this series to others, because it teaches a lot from exam point of view.” ~ Hima

“Yes, would recommend to share knowledge and help others overcome their anxiety, and pass the NPTE” ~ Julie

“Yes, I would recommend this to anyone” ~ Mindy

This 3 part video series is over an hour long and expertise guidance worth more than $200 for $49! Don’t make these same mistakes, click here: Avoiding NPTE / NPTAE Exam Mistakes

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