Taruna passes the NPTETEP broke the whole NPTE exam down for me into pieces. They taught me how to read the NPTE question, how to understand it, how to eliminate and choose the correct answer. They even broke the NPTE studying part of it down into videos and live webinars. TEP also taught me what topics to focus on depending on my weaknesses.

Before joining TEP, I was just reading books like everybody does, too overwhelmed with the amount to study, the number of books and resources! TEP’s program taught me how to study smarter. Not only was I becoming more organized and positive but also confident at the same time. Gradually, my practice exam scores started improving and I finally PASSED the biggest exam of my life at the first attempt! I couldn’t have done it without TEP.

I know so many people who put in hours of hard work and still don’t manage to pass! This exam is not about how much you study, it’s about what you study, how you read and interpret the questions, how you prepare your body to be able to sit through the 5 hour exam, how you tackle fear and panic – everything! TEP helps you manage all of that. They make the preparation for the exam easier and less stressful. For all the people who are anxious about the exam, lost or overwhelmed, or fear giving the exam – please do take the TEP program. It will really help you!

Below are emails that Taruna sent and wanted to share her NPTE journey with others.

After Completing TEP’s Program:

Hope you’re doing great! My TEP program has ended and I just want to take the time to thank you and your team for coming up with such a great program.

The on demand videos were so helpful. The exam process itself is amazing and works really well if you apply it correctly. Karen was great at the live webinars. I learned so much in these 3 months and my score has increased by 10-15% on the practice exams. The clinical discussions and all the other forum posts were extremely helpful and Kitty always did a great job at replying and posting answers.

I am really glad I chose this program. I shall apply whatever I’ve learned through TEP on the actual NPTE exam and PASS the NPTE with flying colors. And soon I’ll write back to you giving you my positive result 🙂

Thank you for being ever so helpful and approachable. I wish you and your team the very best of luck.

With lots of love and gratitude

After receiving a passing score for the July NPTE:

You would be happy to know I cleared the July NPTE at my first attempt! I got a scaled score of 650/800.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you and your team. It was because of the TEP program and everything I learned in it, that I could pass this exam at my first attempt.

I was very skeptical about this exam because I am a foreign trained PT and I was coming all the way to the US just to give this NPTE. My life depended on it! I HAD to pass it. I couldn’t afford another trip just to come back and give the NPTE. Plus I had read that the passing rate for foreign trained PTs at the first attempt is just 33%. All I could think of was “I have to be in that 33%”

Your program taught me how to take the NPTE, how to read a question, how to answer, how to focus on my weaknesses, and how to study. My confidence and my positive attitude grew because of the 3 months in TEP’s program. I owe my success to you and your team. I’ve already recommended so many people to join your course!

Thank you so much. I also request you to kindly thank your entire team on my behalf, especially Karen and Kitty – they were great help in the webinars and forums! I wish you’ll all the success in the world, may you’ll continue to help many more PTs to clear this exam.

With immense gratitude.

Preparing for the NPTE or NPTAE requires more than just studying for the exam in an academic way. It’s an endurance exam that requires your attention in different aspects of studying, preparing, mentally and physically as well as test taking skills. The practical strategies provided in TEP provides a progressive approach towards the exam to be able to handle any type of question and scenario that is provided.

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