I recently got an email from Shilpa Sankeesa which she asked me to share below:

Shilpa Sankeesa passes the NPTEI am extremely glad to share with you that I passed April NPTE in flying colors. I can certainly attribute my success to TEP’s program and instructions. Your valuable suggestions really helped me fill up the gaps in my critical reasoning and understanding skills. Strategically, I was able to make detailed notes and other visuals and brain dumps to further credit my score.

Finally, I faced the prolonged examination challenge by preparing my body and mind to take it up to the passing score. I accredit my success and understanding of NPTE exam to TEP and I highly recommend it to my friends who are also looking for the kind of help I needed during my preparation. I can not begin to thank you enough for your support and assistance during my preparation.

As you mentioned earlier,”If the student does his/her part in studying,TEP does its job to help you pass the exam.” Truer words can never be spoken.

Shilpa previously shared her experience, Finding Success on the NTPE, during her first two weeks of TEP’s course.. And now wants to share with others her update below:

A very long awaited dream is a reality now! I just successfully broke through April NPTE and nothing else could have made my day other than seeing PASSED on my computer screen on the day of my results. 🙂

I am here to share my experience with my fellow folks if they are anything like me, studied abroad, graduated and maybe even worked as a PT in home country,only to discover yourself in a maze trying to figure out what to do next to start your career in USA? You may not so surprisingly realize that you have a RED TAPE called NPTE to get through before you begin to practice. NPTE is the exam testing your knowledge,critical reasoning,perseverance and timely judgmental skills as as aspiring PT. It requires continued motivation to meet the testing criteria by unwinding your previous academic style of learning and incorporating new techniques. This is where TEP comes in!

After my previous unsuccessful attempt, I was clueless and overwhelmed about how to proceed from there and unsure where to look for help. And then I came across the TEP recommended by one of my friends.

This program is definitely an excellent way to ready yourself for the big day provided you are willing to put the efforts in.The program is structured,yet flexible to prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for the exam. TEP does not guide you passively through any one book but encourages a very active new approach to learning using visuals,focus topics and brain dumps to address personalized weak areas you may have. I am extremely thankful to TEP for its incredible support and assistance. Overall, I am glad I signed up and I am now searching for a job as PT.

Finally, if there is anything that I have to share with anyone preparing, Never Give up!! Stay positive, work hard now and live the rest of your life as champions. Energy,strategy and perseverance conquer all things. For those who are retrying to take the exam, believe me, victory is sweeter when you have known defeat.

Thank you,

Shilpa Sankeesa

Preparing for the NPTE or NPTAE requires more than just studying for the exam in an academic way. It’s an endurance exam that requires your attention in different aspects of studying, preparing, mentally and physically as well as test taking skills. The practical strategies provided in TEP provides a progressive approach towards the exam to be able to handle any type of question and scenario that is encountered. Learn how to approach the NPTE as well as how to handle all types of patients in our NPTE Exam Prep Course.

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