Therapy Exam Prep’s (TEP) courses implement the latest NPTE changes that have been outlined by the FSBPT.

3 Month Course

This course is best suited for first time test takers (up to 2 previous attempts), those that have a good academic foundation, and are decent test takers (miss less than 50 questions on practice exams).

6 Month Course

This course is best for those that have had multiple attempts, re-entry, not solid on the academic foundations, not great test takers (miss more than 50 questions on practice exams), have test anxiety, low confidence, fear the exam or don’t have at least 3 hours to dedicate daily to prepare.

TEP’s course consists of these components:

Prep Weeks

The first two weeks are the most important in being proactive on your NPTE or NPTAE preparation. There will be no studying during these weeks, rather you'll learn how to perform exam analyses to understand where you should be focusing, develop individualized systematic study plans (more than 1), test taking strategies, and focus on you so that you are optimal on the exam.


Therapy Exam Prep’s ongoing live webinars go over relevant and current NPTE format written questions developed by TEP. These questions are clinically based and are similar to what may be on the exam. In each webinar, new topics are covered and developed based upon participants needs. Each calendar month – 8 webinars are presented topics are never repeated. Each webinar is approximately 1 hour in length.

Clinical Discussions

Insightful questions are asked on the forums for clinical discussions that are related to the NPTE / NPTAE blueprint format. At the end of the day, a summary is provided by one of TEP’s team member. These discussions lead to smarter studying and preparing for the exam. Each weekday (Monday through Friday), a different topic is discussed from the different systems.

Practice Exams

Throughout the course you'll take our practice exam as well as utilizing the study guides from Therapy Ed's O'Sullivan and Siegelman, Scorebuilders Scott Guiles as well as PEAT. You'll learn how to analyze these practice exams in order to develop your list of focus topics to study.


The last two weeks of the course allow for you to focus on review, last minute guidance, support, and ask questions. During this time, no new information should be studied.