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Now there is a better way to prepare for the board exam than reading study guide books cover to cover trying to memorize everything. Watch the video below to learn more about how we can help:

Want to know more about how our course works? Take a few moments and read about our unique clinical thinking approach. Below you'll find how we provide step by step guidance and give you the strategies, tools, and confidence you need to succeed.

This is Not An Academic Exam

Preparing for and taking the physical therapy board exam is one of the biggest fears faced by physical therapists and assistants, even after they have passed. Most examinees think the exam is similar to the standardized multiple choice GRE or SAT academically; however, this entry level competency exam is much more than that. The exam is more clinically based where higher level knowledge is required to meet the standards of passing.Therapy Exam Prep sees the NPTE and NPTAE as very integrated reading comprehension, multiple choice, and clinically based exams where the approach to test taking is different.

The Academic to Clinical Thinking Gap

In school, students learn the various topics in the curriculum independently and are expected to integrate that knowledge for application in the clinic after graduation. The PT exam tests them by asking questions using clinical scenarios and this is where many examinees struggle. While many may have strong academic foundations, putting everything together like a practicing clinician is a mental leap they have not yet made.Students often think they have to know everything to feel comfortable before sitting for an exam. The PT board exam challenges that belief and asks examinees to choose the best answer with limited information presented. This is similar to a clinician treating a patient using only the available information gathered from medical history and examination.

Bridging the Gap - Next Level PT Exam Preparation

Therapy Exam Prep (TEP) was the first to recognize and address this gap between studying as a student and thinking like a practicing clinician. As a leader in the field, TEP teaches clinical thinking as it applies to the exam.The NPTE and NPTAE are no longer purely academic exams where reading the study guides cover to cover, rote memorization, or repetitive reading of the same information from multiple sources is sufficient to pass the exam. TEP’s course is designed as an active learning process with daily interactions that lead to measurably increased scores.3

Therapy Exam Prep Components

TEP’s course consist of live webinars, member forums for discussions and NPTE practice questions, as well as ongoing daily feedback and guidance by TEP’s team of licensed physical therapists. Together, this integrated system promotes strong understanding of the material and increased confidence on answering any type of question presented.

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  • Live Webinars and On Demand Videos

    • Twice Weekly Interactive Live Webinars with FSBPT Blueprint NPTE Practice Questions
    • Recordings of the Live Webinars with chat transcripts
    • Program On Demand Videos on PT Exam Topics

  • Forums and Questions

    • The largest database of peer questions answered by licensed physical therapists. Over 200,000 and growing
    • Explanations and rationales to NPTE practice questions are discussed for improved understanding and increased scores
    • NPTE sample questions and explanations with a clinical thinking approach

  • Guidance and Feedback

    • Daily guidance and feedback are provided by TEP’s team
    • Support and mentoring beyond the exam requirements
    • Truly accurate assessments of readiness for a solid exam score

Screenshots of Our Member Resources

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Prepare for the PT Exam from any device

With mobile apps for iOS and Android, TEP helps you keep up with your PT board exam preparation even if you don't have access to a PC.TEP-iPad

Our Approach to the Physical Therapy Board Exam

Therapy Exam Prep’s NPTE and NPTAE course emphasize three components: Exam Analysis, Clinical Thinking, and a Holistic Approach. Implementing this layered strategy has been shown to bolster examinees scores by 30 - 150 points.

Clinical Thinking

The physical therapy board exam questions are not there to trick you or be hard; however the types of questions seen are based off of real life scenarios.TEP emphasizes seeing our NPTE practice questions as patients and how clinical thinking goes beyond studying from the books. What is on the PT exam is not going to be necessarily found in the textbook or study guides and TEP provides insight on thinking beyond the academic levels.Compared to passive studying, TEP’s clinical thinking approach with assignments, study guide tips, insights, and exercises make for better retention of the information in a shorter period of time. What is learned now is remembered beyond the exam itself and carried over to patient treatment.

Exam Analysis

One of the keys to passing the PT board exam is understanding the format, being able to analyze the questions, and as a result becoming a better test taker. TEP has developed a systematic way of designing your individualized study plans for a smarter and more efficient way to prepare.

Holistic Approach

When treating a patient, you are to treat the whole person and not just the condition. TEP is the only PT exam preparation to implement this concept and addresses you, the examinee, as a whole. There are many factors that can affect scores and TEP addresses the different areas.TEP provides help in improving confidence, decreasing stress, and time management skills.

TEP's Course - Step by Step to Passing the PT Exam

TEP believes in a proactive preparation approach towards the physical therapy board exam. Rather than trying to cram volumes of information in a short period of time, our course keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by the task of studying for this important PT exam. This is accomplished by breaking down the preparation into manageable pieces.

The following are steps that lead to a successful exam outcome:

  1. Start with getting a baseline to assess the starting point
  2. Prioritize study areas based on initial assessment
  3. Develop multiple study plans and schedules
  4. Implement TEP’s exam process, understand the PT exam format, become a better test taker
  5. Study the content clinically and be able to relate to the NPTE questions at a higher level
  6. Work on yourself (mentally, physically, soul) to endure the exam marathon

Meet our team of licensed PT's

It’s about teamwork when it comes to passing the board exam and TEP’s team consisting of licensed Physical Therapists are there every step of your journey. From start to finish, instructors and moderators are accessible for guidance and feedback.

Preparing and passing the PT exam is a journey you don’t have to make alone and our positive community is there to help.


Miye Fonseca, PT, DPT

Miye Fonseca, PT, DPT, is a licensed Physical Therapist. She was in the first ...

Karen Iwanaga, PT, DPT, CSCS

Instructor/Forum Moderator
Karen Iwanaga, PT, DPT, CSCS is a licensed Physical Therapist who graduated ...

Rafael Muñoz, PT, DPT, CSCS

Questions and Answers
Rafael Muñoz, PT, DPT, CSCS has been a Physical Therapist for more than 5 ...

Stephanie Lee, PT, MSPT

Clinical Discussions Leader
Stephanie Lee, PT, MSPT is a licensed Physical Therapist who graduated from the ...

Who Should Enroll?

Anyone looking to pass the NPTE or NPTAE and not feel you are studying alone.

Have you had any of the following thoughts about preparing or studying for your board license exam?
  • I feel overwhelmed or unsure about the material
  • I work full time and tired after coming home
  • I missed passing by a couple of points
  • I have test anxiety
  • I have been out of school for years
TEP helps prepare those that want to succeed and gain the confidence to overcome this exam in order to practice.

Enrollment Options

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3 Month Course $425

  • US graduate or foreign trained
  • 0 - 2 exam attempts
  • Okay in core foundations
  • Decent test taker
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6 Month Course $795

  • US graduate, foreign trained, or re-entry
  • Multiple exam attempts (3 or more)
  • Not solid on core foundations
  • Not a great test taker
  • Test anxiety or low confidence
  • Have limited time to study (< 3 hours per day)
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Individual Modules

Practice Exam Simulation $45

  • Train to pass the NPTE with a realistic simulation of the exam experience. 250 original FSBPT content outline style questions and detailed feedback to help you jumpstart your studying.
  • Note: This practice exam is included as part of the 3 and 6 month courses.
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One Week Video Series: Avoiding Exam Mistakes $49

  • Learn how to avoid common exam mistakes made on the NPTE / NPTAE. A condensed video presentation of actionable technques and strategies you can use right away. Includes a section on exam assessment and readiness.
  • Note: This video series is included as part of the 3 and 6 month courses.
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What our past participants are saying

Kyle Rice
“TEP offered resources that I could not find anywhere else. TEP’s study strategies and methodology for analyzing practice tests were the essential components to my achievement of a perfect scaled-score (800) on the NPTE.”
- Kyle Rice, Florida International University
Rachita Khurana
“TEP’s program outline and holistic approach to exam preparation directed me towards success. No words can justify the amount of knowledge, motivation and guidance I received after joining Therapy Exam Prep.”
- Rachita Khurana, India
Emma Delgado
"When I enrolled in TEP, the team refocused me to making a study plan that works best for me, redefined for me the topics and the methods that matter most in preparation and how I can attain that goal.”
- Emma Delgado, Philippines
Dana Chadick
“I highly recommend Therapy Exam Prep as a study course for the NPTE. Clinical thinking is strongly emphasized, along with a holistic approach for taking good care of yourself throughout the studying process. I took the NPTE in January 2013 and passed on my first attempt ...since 1990, that is. Thank you TEP!”
- Dana Chadick, Re-entry PT

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