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Do you help PTAs prepare for the board exam?

Yes, Therapy Exam Prep helps both PTs and PTAs prepare for the NPTE and NPTAE.

What books are required?

Therapy Exam Prep utilizes both TherapyEd’s and Scorebuilders study guides for their practice exams. You’ll be expected to have at least one of the latest study guides on the first day. The study guides should be 2018 to present as they correlate with the current NPTE blueprint format.

No other textbooks or study guides are required or recommended. Our member forums and online materials will supplement during your preparation

Do you provide course work?

Yes, we provide over 100 clinical assignments after each webinar and additional assignments to supplement different topic areas. The assignments are there to help you study smarter and not harder. Each assignment is given to help you through an evaluation and how you can apply the knowledge in the clinic.

Our assignments have been shown to improve clinical thinking skills and how they can be related to the actual NPTE. The materials are accessible while in the course or extra forum support subscription. Material is regularly updated throughout the year.

Will your course benefit me?

Yes, our courses can benefit you when you want to pass the NPTE. All of our tips, techniques and strategies have worked successfully over the past decade. It’s up to you to implement them successfully with guidance.

Therapy Exam Prep has been successful in helping both first timers and repeaters prepare for the board exam. How successful you are will depend on how active you are, how well you follow the course, and how well you implement the strategies that are provided.

How can I be helped after failing the exam?

Whether you didn’t pass the first time or have tried multiple times to take the NPTE/NPTAE, know that you’re not alone. Our course was designed to help all participants that are preparing for the board exam.

The first two weeks of the course is designed to address areas that can help you overcome any fears, anxiety and being overwhelmed. We provide strategies to help build up your confidence and scores.

One key to being successful is being positive, open minded and active while following the techniques provided. We encourage a proactive preparation approach to give you a successful passage. Many participants’ self-confidence has risen even in the first week. Improvements on scores, studying and confidence are seen with active participation and following the course with the guidance from Therapy Exam Prep’s team.

What is your pass rate?

Pass rate is 95% based on individuals that are fully active and complete the course.

Do you provide support after the course ends?

Yes, course participants have an option for extra forum support until the date of the exam. This is a $59 monthly subscription. This does not include the on demand videos.

Many take advantage of this once the course ends to be able to ask and answer questions as well as to complete the assignments that are provided in the course. This also allows for participants to get extra guidance from our team of licensed PT’s.

Is there a phone number I can call for questions?

We help participants all over the world in various different time zones so responding to your inquiries by email is faster. If you don’t see your question answered on this page, you can contact us. We respond to all emails personally so please be specific with your question so we can provide an accurate answer within a reasonable time period.

Starting the

When does the course begin?

There are no fixed start dates to wait for with our courses. You begin as soon as you complete the enrollment process and you’ll have immediate access to begin your preparation.

When should I start?

It depends on the exam timing; however getting started early and being proactive on your preparation decreases the amount of stress and increases having confidence on being solid for the exam. If you are going on vacation or have a lot of obligations, I recommend starting after that.

Do I need to prepare before starting this course?

No, there is no preparation needed.

Can I prepare in less than 3 months?

Yes, you can but not advisable as we provide a different approach that takes time to implement new tips, techniques and strategies for you to have the best outcome possible especially if you have taken the exam previously. Our approach towards the exam may challenge your current studying and life habits. Our emphasis in the course is designed to be applied in the real world setting as if you were working already with many life and time management skills.

The goal is to be solid on your preparation and how long it would take you will depend on the following factors:

  • How good of a test taker you are
  • How solid you are on your foundations and able to apply clinically
  • How well you handle stress, emotions and time management

The stronger you are in these areas the shorter the duration of preparation. Any one of these areas that you are not strong in will increase the time of preparation. Three months is recommended that are strong as a test taker and solid on the foundations. Six months would be recommended if had multiple attempts, not a great test taker or strong on the foundations. It is also recommended for a longer preparation when time is limited for studying.

My exam date is before the course end date, what do I do?

You can still benefit being in the course for less than 3 months as specific exam techniques are provided in the first week that can increase your score dramatically when implemented properly. This is not a ‘quick and give me the answer’ or an academic review but an actual course that focuses on preparing you fully. Therapy Exam Prep provides strategies that for the exam techniques, content guidelines and strategies on studying. There have been many participants that have passed without utilizing all 3 months but were active and diligent following the program.

If you have taken the NPTE / NPTAE before, you’ll want to complete the whole program before taking the exam again to be sure you are fully ready. Those that rush into the next exam without being fully prepared don’t fare as well. This exam is clinical based and not academic based where the usual studying techniques (memorizing, cramming, reading and just taking practice exams) won’t be adequate for the NPTE.

We are the only exam prep service that provides assessment criteria of whether you are ready or not. We are here to help you be sure you are completely ready clinically as this is not just a standard exam.

When would you recommend starting the course?

The earliest possible is advisable. We focus and emphasis is on proactive preparation. We have found that those that wait until only having 3 months until exam didn’t necessarily have enough preparation as unexpected circumstances arose. The strategies, guidance and having to think clinically can take longer than 3 months depending on how solid your academic foundation is when preparing for the exam.

If you have taken the NPTE/NPTAE before and weren’t successful, you’ll want to be sure you give yourself enough time as the NPTE is clinical based and not an academic exam. You’ll want to be sure you are preparing smarter and in the right way from the beginning and not after months of studying. Those that miss more than 50 questions or have a score of less than 750, you’ll want to consider a longer preparation time.

I am in school / preparing for another exam, should I start the join?

It’s not recommended that you study for the NPTE with other classes / tests or in school as preparing for the NPTE needs your full attention. It has been done but know that it may take longer than 3 months to fully prepare as time is limited in your day. Many still take our course while in school or in their last clinical rotation. You’ll want to keep in mind that your energy to dedicate to preparing for this exam does take longer and recommendations are longer than 3 months to be sure to be ready for the exam.

While in the course

What is the recommended number of study hours?

The number of hours will depend on each person, however three hours minimum is required to get the most benefit out of the course. When the number of hours is less than 3, a longer preparation period is highly recommended. It is not recommended to study beyond 6 hours daily as it has been shown to be ineffective for retaining information.

Will I benefit from taking the same practice exams in the study guide?

Whether you have taken the practice exams once or multiple times, we have a distinct way of analyzing the exam that provides strategies on how to read the question properly. The very detailed exam analysis that we provide has shown to improve studying efficiently. Many of the techniques provided in the course have shown participants insights in areas to improve throughout the time which improves the actual exam scores.

Can I share my course with someone else?

Your purchase provides you access to our course content for individual use only, so you can’t share your subscription with others. If you want others to share in the learning experience – which we highly recommend – then encourage them to sign up along with you.

How can I get a certificate of completion?

Therapy Exam Prep will provide a certificate of completion after the course has been completed. We do require for you to be active in the course 90% of the time by posting on our member forums and completing all assignments in order to obtain a certificate. If the criteria is not met, a certificate won’t be issued. A certificate will not be given prior to the course ending. You would have to notify us prior to the course and before the course ends.

When needing a certificate of completion, you’ll want to plan so that the course ends at least one month prior to submitting the information to the state board. A certificate will be emailed and require a week notice. It is your responsibility to schedule accordingly.

Can I interact with instructors and other course participants?

Yes, you can interact, ask and answer questions during the live webinars with the instructor. The main area for questions and answers are on the member forums. Here you are able to post your answers to assignments for feedback from our team members as well as from other participants. Look, search and post your questions in the Question/Answer specific topic while you are studying for the exam. The question / answer forums have thousands of questions from participants that can help you prepare for the exam.

How can I study while working full time / having a family?

We accommodate by providing online forums as well as on demand videos for you to see when you are not able to be at the live webinars. You’ll want to make sure that you can set aside some time to study and prepare for this final exam to get your PT license. There have been many participants that have worked full time as well as having a family to attend to and rearrange their schedule to have a successful passage.

Many that have gone through the course found that it is beneficial to have at least 6 months of preparation and follow with the extra forum support for the continued guidance.


Do you have an installment plan?

We do not offer a payment plan but one of our payment processors, PayPal, does provide financing options. You can learn more about them by clicking below:

PayPal Credit

If you’d like to speak to someone about PayPal Credit please call: 866-528-3733 (a U.S. telephone number)


Do I need a computer to access the course?

No, you can access our website and forums with your smartphone or tablet. However, a desktop browser is required to view webinar recordings.

What are the system requirements?

Webinar recordings can be viewed from any computer, providing they have Adobe Flash installed. Broadband internet connection recommended.

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