How to Effectively Create NPTE Flashcards

Candidates preparing for the NPTE often ask about buying or selling NPTE flashcards. While some find them useful, others don’t and some don’t even use them after buying them. Premade flashcards or searching for flashcards that are made online may not be as helpful...

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How to Effectively Take Breaks During the NPTE

How many breaks do you plan on taking during the NPTE? One, two, or more? If you haven’t thought much about it, that’s okay, here’s your chance to do so. There are two breaks that are given: one scheduled and one unscheduled. Did you know that you can actually take...

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How to Reduce Timing Mistakes on the NPTE Questions

When taking an NPTE practice exam, do you worry about how much time you have? Or do you focus on the lack of time you have to answer? Either way, you’re not alone. Many NPTE questions are missed because of the timing concern. This can cause you to miss several...

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