NPTE Score Withheld – What Does It Mean?

Here you are “patiently” waiting for your NPTE results after a week and now you see this “WITHHELD” on your screen! OH MY GOD!!! What are the FSBPT people doing to me?! Why, do I have to WAIT some more? That’s so CRUEL! Why ME?! If you are saying this to yourself;...

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Decompressing After Taking The NPTE

Great!  You have now completed your NPTE! Pat yourself on the back; you can now check off that you have taken one of the most important exams for your career. Now that you are done with the exam, that part of the roller coaster ride is over. However, you may feel you...

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NPTE Misconception – The NPTE Is Hard!

Do you think that the NPTE questions are hard? If so, you’re not alone in thinking this; however, despite what you may think, the questions are actually quite fair! Really you may think, how are the questions actually fair? Your NPTE Mindset How you perceive the exam...

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Dealing with NPTE Test Anxiety

When you think about preparing for the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE), do you feel that it’s a really hard exam? If you listened or heard from previous candidates over the months or years, they may have horror stories (or post traumatic test anxiety) from this...

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NPTE 2019 Fee Increases

Starting in January 2019, the Federal State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) implemented changes to the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE). In September 2017, there was a deferment on increasing the cost of the NPTE fee; however, this new fee increase of $485...

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