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As the first group of the April or May NPTE and NPTAE examinees are receiving their score results, there may be questions about what’s happening with the July exams. With COVID-19, there are still unknowns about how long this pandemic may last. The FSBPT recently provided an update for the upcoming July exams with ATT letters, testing dates, and score releases.

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NPTE Fixed Dates and Extra Seats

There tends to be more candidates who take the exam in July than any other fixed dates. With most candidates graduating in May, the July exam for the NPTE has two fixed dates July 28th and 29th. However, with the COVID-19 situation, there are still candidates who originally scheduled for April are also now taking the exam in July. 

To help resolve the limited number of seats due to social distancing, FSBPT opened up about a month window of test dates for both PTAs and PTs. However, before choosing a date within that testing month, the fixed dates July 8th for PTAs and July 28th and 29th for PTs should be filled first. These dates were blocked off for the FSBPT exams. By filling these seats before using the testing window dates, this will solidify the number of spots for the following exam dates. 

If, however, these blocked off fixed dates are not filled first, these exam seats would be given up to other exams. This could lead to a decrease in the number of allocated seats for subsequent exams for FSBPT.

Testing Window Dates

The initial testing window dates are meant for candidates that couldn’t schedule an exam on those fixed dates. For PTAs, the window is from July 9th to July 26th. For PTs, the window is from July 30th to August 31st. However, these dates would also be used when cancellations occur from the Prometric sites.

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Authorization to Test Letters

There’s been some confusion with new Authorizations to Test (ATT) letters being sent out the week of May 11th. For those already scheduled for the July exams with a date, this new ATT letter doesn’t apply to you. If you just applied or rescheduled from the April (May) exams, you’ll be emailed a new ATT letter. If you haven’t gotten an ATT letter, wait until next week and then contact FSBPT for an update.

Possible Cancellations

With the April (May) exams, there’s been several cancellations for the NPTE. While some candidates have had to reschedule a few times, others had to reschedule up to 11 times! This can be truly chaotic and frustrating especially in dealing with no control over the NPTE. However, for the July exams, you may still see cancellations for the social distancing aspect or any other reasons. Don’t be thrown off by an unexpected cancellation. To reduce some of the stress, be proactive by having up to four different locations just in case the test for the location you have chosen has been cancelled.

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NPTE Score Reports

Just like the April (May) exams, the scores will be reported throughout the testing window times. These release dates and score reports may be adjusted at a later time.

For PTAs

Test DatePlanned Score Release DateFree Score Report
7/9 – 7/157/207/27
7/16 – 7/227/278/3
7/23 – 7/268/38/10

For PTs

Test DatePlanned Score Release DateFree Score Report
7/28 – 7/298/58/12
7/30 – 8/58/108/17
8/6 – 8/128/178/24
8/13 – 8/198/248/31
8/20 – 8/268/319/7
8/27 – 8/319/79/14

Remote Testing

With all this chaos for the NPTE, wouldn’t it be easier if PT and PTA candidates have another testing alternative? This concern has been brought up to the FSBPT. They provided a response as to why remote testing wouldn’t work.

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Upcoming FSBPT Webinar

On May 18th at 3:10 pm EST, FSBPT will have a public webinar where candidates can listen and ask questions about COVID-19 and the Impact on the Physical Therapy Community. Registration is required and spaces are limited. It’s unknown whether a recording will be provided later on

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