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Our online exam prep courses apply for both PT and PTA test takers. The course consists of live webinars, on-demand videos, access to our member forums, 3 practice exams, assignments and assessments, all with the support of a positive community guided by licensed Physical Therapists.

Choose your subscription based on the guidelines below:

3 Month Course - $425

  • US graduate or foreign trained
  • First exam attempt (up to 2 past attempts)
  • Okay in core foundations
  • Decent test taker
  • Note: No "upgrade" is available from the 3 Month course to the 6 Month course, each is a stand alone subscription.

6 Month Course - $795

  • US graduate, foreign trained, re-entry
  • Multiple exam attempts (3 or more)
  • Not solid on core foundations
  • Test anxiety or low confidence
  • Limited time commitment (< 3 hours per day)
  • Not a great test taker

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