When taking a practice exam, are you treating it as though it were the real thing?

If you're not, you may be preventing yourself from attaining the score you deserve. Specificity training in sports has been shown to help achieve peak performance by simulating the environment, effort, and mindset. The same applies to this important exam which is why we’ve developed a simulation tool to help you take your training to the next level when it comes to the NPTE.





Simulate the actual exam with original NPTE blueprint format questions not found in any of the study guide books and written by an FSBPT trained physical therapist. Our PT board exam questions are as close as you can get to the actual exam.

Question bank of FSBPT NPTE Content outline questions
Questions are randomly selected and shuffled
Timed 5 and a half hour exam including breaks
250 question exam, each exam is unique
Answer order is randomized between attempts
Tutorial and survey sections simulate real exam experience


You'll receive an individualized and detailed exam feedback score report that gives you a breakdown analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. You'll know exactly what to do to jumpstart your studying for measurable score improvement.

Feedback Report with detailed analysis breakdown:


Understanding exactly why you missed a question will help improve your clinical thinking skills instead of relying on memorization. This will help you retain important information that you can apply to any type of question on the board exam. These explanations are there to help you focus your studying without having to read everything about a topic.


NPTE Sample Question
PT Practice Exam Review Screen
PT Practice Exam Question Review - Correct
PT Practice Exam Question Review - Incorrect
PT Practice Exam Question Guidance
PT Practice Exam Score Report
PT Practice Exam Score Report Chart
PT Practice Exam Score Report Table


Access to the practice exam question review throughout your course subscription

Ask questions for additional clarification and guidance in our member forums

Actionable study tips you can implement right away

Additional clinical focus content provided for each exam question

TEP's Exam Process breakdown for each exam question

Additional rationales to help you choose between multiple choice answers


"The practice exam provided by TEP has been the most realistic and accurate representation of the NPTE that I've experienced. Having already had the opportunity to take the NPTE, I know what to expect. Also, the summary report does a great job of identifying and pin-pointing your strengths/ weakness, which is extremely helpful for future studying. If you wish to be prepared and experience the closest thing to the real NPTE, then take the TEP's practice exam."
- Rene Medina, DPT
"TEP practice exam is absolutely wonderful! It is the only practice exam I have taken that truly simulates the real NPTE. The questions challenge your critical thinking as you prepare for the physical therapy license. The score report at the end of the exam is extremely detailed and really helps the student to focus in on weaker topics. This practice exam is a must in order to successfully pass the NPTE with confidence!"
- Danielle Gilmore
"It was amazing, all challenging questions that are clinically based and most likely the same type of questions you will see on the actual NPTE. Not only that, after the exam you will see a well organized score feedback report. One of my favorite to see in the score report is you know how much time you spent on each question, with this I realized that the more I spent on that particular question the more chances I would have missed it because of overanalyzing. I can say that TEP's Practice Exam Simulation is one unique exam that will help you find yourself where you are right now, and what is the best thing to do next."
- Aida Uy


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