Exam Preparation
Conquer the overwhelming feeling of preparing for your most important exam with an informed study plan. Therapy Exam Prep understands there is a lot to cover and breaks down the topics into manageable pieces for better understanding and retention of information. read more
Clinical Thinking
You were academically trained as a Physical Therapist but the NPTE is written from a clinical context. Therapy Exam Prep’s unique approach teaches you to view the exam questions clinically. TEP’s assignments develop your clinical thinking skills and help you study smarter. read more
Clinical Thinking
Your time is valuable and Therapy Exam Prep brings studying and preparation for the NPTE directly to you. TEP utilizes live online webinars to present you the NPTE information and allows you to have interaction in a classroom-style learning atmosphere. You are able to review and reinforce concepts with the on demand videos. read more
Community & Support
You don’t have to feel alone when studying for the NPTE. Here at Therapy Exam Prep, you join a moderated forum just dedicated for the NPTE preparation. TEP emphasizes a positive, supportive and collaborative environment for you to experience success! read more
Community & Support


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Our Mission

Therapy Exam Prep's mission is to deliver convenient and interactive exam preparation webinars. As the premiere online NPTE prep service we deliver a clinical thinking approach to exam preparation with the support to help you succeed.

Our Services

Therapy Exam Prep provides an online NPTE prep service featuring live webinars, on demand videos, clinical based thinking assignments, and Physical Therapist moderated forums for ongoing support throughout the studying and preparation process.

About Us

We recognized the need for a new exam prep service to help serve those that couldn’t attend an exam prep course in person or felt dissatisfied with the value offered by the traditional methods of NPTE preparation.


Picture of TEP Participant"Before joining Therapy Exam Prep (TEP) I had a lot of very negative emotions about preparing, studying and taking the NPTE. When I sat down to study I was overwhelmed and anxious. I just knew there was a better way to approach the exam.

Now, I can honestly say I have a solid plan to pass the NPTE. TEP is so much different than what I had experienced at the weekend preparatory classes I had been to. I love that TEP addresses the mental, emotional, and physical aspects that must come together in order to pass the exam. Best of all the content is moderated by licensed Physical Therapists.

My new positive attitude towards passing the NPTE has helped me rebuild my confidence and focus my energy on tackling the subject matter. My TEP experience has been so incredibly positive! If you want to know more about TEP and how you can learn to think clinically then join today." - Dorothy C

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