Sol passes NPTESol enrolled into May 2012 Therapy Exam Prep’s 3 month program. Here’s his story about his experience with TEP.

“Firstly, I must admit I wouldn’t have passed the NPTE without Christ’s help. I had a break of almost 12 years after my education. I spent about 4 months of intense preparation for the NPTE. After failing my first attempt by 2%, I was devastated. I realized that there was something seriously wrong in my preparation. Although many suggested to take the exam as early as possible (content still fresh in the mind), I decided to give myself atleast 6 months for active preparation. Here are some measures I took, if it can be useful to others in the NPTE journey.

After joining TEP, I realized there were many errors in my previous preparation. I had earlier visualized the question at face value, not knowing how to pick up key words and analyse the stem. TEP taught me to analyse the question better, analyze my scores after each exam, which revealed the areas that needed attention.
I made a 6 month plan, spent close to 6-7 hrs each day in active preparation. Rather than going book by book, I found its better to go topic by topic. You may complete less topics each day, but i was able to remember better. I typed the topic in the ‘keyword’ search on TEP forum & read the discussions related to the topic, posting & answering related questions.
The nutritional tips were helpful. Again, rather than being obsessive in studies, I took time for Physical exercise, household chores & movie nights.
I spent the last 2 months doing questions and analyzing the rationale. I was exposed to several concepts that were not available in textbooks.
As Miye often states, remain Positive. My wife made numerous flash cards & affixed it all over the house. Read it aloud & affirm what you read. Believe me, it helps!
My best wishes to those who are in the journey. IT IS POSSIBLE! You will do it!”


  • Archana.Mamidi

     First …congartulations!and I was surprised and happy to see u here! and Secondly, your post sounds very helpful..Im planning to give NPTE again this year.Im sure I’ll follow your style of is unique from the others i heard..

  • Vicky

    Congratulations… Happy for u… I am also preparing for NPTE .. Bt I am still confused that how I would start preparations.. Now I have a break of 3 year after my education. Can u please help me to find out a better style of preparation.

  • Deborah

    How do you lea
    rn how to analyze the questions

    • TEP provides a very detailed exam analysis that teaches how to analyze the questions in order to improve on areas for a higher score. To learn how to do this is to enroll into TEP’s program.

  • Sarah

    I would alsobe interested to know what technique he used.

    • To learn how TEP prepares someone for the NPTE, you’ll want to enroll into the program.

  • Michael

    that’s sounds inspiring. im overwhelmed with all of the topics and don’t know how i’m going to do this while working and having kids. I graduated 1998 from Philippines and finally realized that i have to do this – I know it’s too late but better than never. Can you share some pointers on what you did as I will strarting from scratch. Thanks and congratulation!

    • Michael,

      What he learned for tips and techniques to pass was being a part of TEP’s program. There’s a lot and you’ll find a community that has your similar story all working towards the same goal of passing. So, I invite you to join and really know how to properly prepare for the #NPTE.