There’s more to the exam than meets the eye when preparing for the NPTE and in TEP, there’s more than just an exam preparation; it’s a program that encompasses the participant fully to become the best clinician after taking the exam. Throughout TEP’s program, assessing is key to adjust study plans and preparation in order to adapt to changes. Katie had to continuously evaluate old habits and adjust to new habits for the better. At the end, of finally letting go of the past, success was obtained. Here’s her insights about reflecting of the NPTE journey:

Katie Eggleston Passes the NPTEMiye, Karen, and the rest of the TEP Team:

I would just like to write to you and say thank you so much for the hard work you put into the program to help so many students re-think the exam process. After three unsuccessful attempts at the NPTE, missing by 1-3 points each time I knew I needed to step back and find a new approach to my studying.

A fellow classmate who was in the same boat as me told me about your program and that she was thinking of signing up. Although, I was a little hesitant due to some awful online-only classes during undergrad and grad school, I knew that I had to try something as my current way of studying clearly was not paying off.  I had taken the O’Sullivan 2 day course back in September and one of the girls I met there had also told me about your program and that she was currently taking it. So I knew that your program had a good reputation and I thought, why not, what have I got to lose?!

There were definitely times throughout the three month course that I was skeptical. Usually, I learn best with structured courses so the second two months of the course threw me off a little. I felt worried that I was not sticking to my study plan enough, or that I should be doing more per day rather than 3-6 focus topics. However, I was thrilled that TEP offered a new approach to reading the test questions, one that required me to only read the pertinent information. Nearing the end of the three month period, I reflected on what the program provided me; I gained confidence throughout the program as I was studying smarter and thinking more clinically.

I am proud to say that when results came back I saw the most beautiful words: PASSED. I thank all of you for your time and dedication that you put into TEP. Miye, thank you for putting up with all of my questions you really helped me to focus on what was important and to ignore everything else. Karen, you were wonderful in the webinars and so patient with everybody. To all who are moderators of the forums, your answers and advice inspire and increase confidence in many and you kept us on track throughout the course.


Katie Eggleston

Confidence is one of the keys to being successful. True confidence allows for someone to handle any type of questions / patients presented without fear and know how to exactly be able to reach an answer without overanalyzing. TEP continues to raise confidence in many participants to be great test takers and also be able to understand NPTE content material for long term. Those that have gone through TEP and had an increase in their confidence dramatically. Increased confidence is a factor in getting the ideal job and better salary.

Learn how to increase your confidence for the NPTE as well as how to handle all types of patients here.

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