Margarita Weatherman Passes NPTEI would like to take a moment to thank you and the other member PTs for dedicating your time and sharing your knowledge and tips on being successful on the NPTE. Your program helped me stay focused throughout these past 3 months, even when I really didn’t want to study I would still have to learn something knew and be accountable for my preparation. This program kept me going even when I got sick. The results spoke for themselves on October 28, when I took the NPTE and, a week later learned, passed the exam! I have to add, the idea of learning something knew every day is turning itself into a habit now.

I was determined to pass my NPTE on my 1st attempt and knowing that I was not ready to in July, I withdrew and rescheduled for October. However, I was not certain how to approach my preparation over the coming months. My brain was scattered, so I turned to looking over the Internet and discovered the TEP. I am so happy that this program was available at the time I needed it the most! First and foremost, my anxiety level dropped significantly as I saw a strategy with personal study plans being put in place, as well as addressing the mental and physiological requirements to last through such long and exhausting exam. Implementing the strategies of learning how to read the questions and weed out unnecessary information while looking for the right answers was a tremendous help in learning to respond in a time efficient manner.

I found plethora of valuable and helpful tips and information through the forums, assignments and practice readings/ questions offered in the webinars. The TEP strategies also showed me how I could make educated guesses on the actual NPTE even if the answer itself was not known. Finally, TEP program taught me how to approach each question clinically and see it as a new patient I had to help the best way I knew how.

With PT members providing feedback and guidance on consistent basis, I feel that my time was wisely spent by being a part of this program. I would recommend the TEP program to anyone trying to improve their chances of passing the NPTE and becoming the professional they always wanted to be!

Thank you again for helping me to achieve my goal!


Margarita N. Norina Weatherman, DPT

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