Doors openingHello fellow Physical Therapists who are preparing to take the NPTE! My name is Miye and I want to welcome you to the newly launched Therapy Exam Prep’s NPTE Blog!

For those that don’t know about Therapy Exam Prep or TEP is an online NPTE exam prep service. TEP is the first online NPTE exam prep course that provides you support and guidance throughout your NPTE journey. It’s the only NPTE exam prep to provide 3 prong approach to clinical thinking, test-taking skills, and a holistic approach. To learn more about TEP webinar service visit our site for more information.

Here on the blog, I will post about the NPTE, tips, strategies and how the course is doing to answer some questions, comments or feedback from the Members only forum. For more tips, strategies, and information about the NPTE preparation from TEP’s view be sure to subscribe to the email newsletters.

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