Top 5 NPTE Studying Mistakes

There are a couple of mistakes that people do when studying for the NPTE that I see and read about. Here are the top five studying mistakes that occur:

1) Having too many reference books – this usually overwhelms you in general and to know what or where to focus on can be difficult. This is where TEP focus on clinical thinking and guides you in areas of the NPTE content so that you are studying smarter, effective and efficiently.

2) Reading the study guides and references from cover to cover. This is not the most efficient or best use of time. The exam is not academic and purely reading will make things feel like you haven’t covered everything. The exam is entry level and so therefore you want to make sure you have a solid foundation so you can apply your knowledge to the clinical case scenarios.

3) Not analyzing your practice exam in detailed. What do the scores mean after you take the practice exam? Usually, you’ll know what system or content section area that you may need to strengthen but where exactly is not provided for you. This is where TEP helps you understand where to really focus your studying so that you can develop a systematic study plan so that you are efficient.

4) Studying by chapters until done. This is what is taught in school but do you find yourself forgetting the material after a few weeks when you covered another system? This is normal but with TEP – has you studying in a different way so you are focusing on all systems and content sections every week.

5) Studying in big blocks of time. This is done when studying for school but it doesn’t always work when preparing for the NPTE. TEP teaches you how  study smarter in smaller chunks so that you can understand the information better. 

Want to know more? These are just a few that TEP participants learn in the program. TEP is a positive community for those that are preparing for the NPTE with a different approach by preparing participants with the following emphasis: exam analysis, clinical thinking and a holistic approach. With these three components, TEP provides guidance, support and feedback on a daily basis to help those preparing for the NPTE to success. Looking forward to helping you succeed in the next program! You can enroll here.

  • Gaurav

    Thanks for valuable information…. Mam Kindly provide me the way i should study for NPTE exam… 

    • Gaurav – join TEP’s program for guidance in preparing for the NPTE. Programs are filling up so do enroll today!

  • Gowri

    Hi there,


    I am attending the TEP program, which by in itself is a
    3-month program.  I definitely feel the
    program is of a great benefit to me personally. 
    The approach they use is excellent – holistic approach.  They concentrate on the small little minute
    things that we wouldn’t even think about during our exam preparation like exam
    process, having a positive attitude, food habits, and relaxation techniques, etc.


    The best part is that the program is for 3 months duration
    and they teach you to handle every question with ease and this is what is
    really catchy about the TEP course. 
    Miye, the founder of the TEP program and the TEP community as a whole
    are really very spontaneous in answering all your queries.  There are over 100+ participants in this
    course already and many are joining the community day by day.


    To conclude, I would just like to say this TEP program works
    best if we put in some amount of dedication and smart thinking.


    For me personally TEP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

    • Growi, great to hear you are enjoying TEP and have gotten a lot of out the program. It’s true, the more active and dedicated you are, the more you’ll gain to help you reach your goal of passing the NPTE.

  • Thanks for providing us such a valuable information. These are good tips for all the students and may be helpful to many students to keep away themselves from such mistakes. Great work. 

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