Jaime Connolly - Passed the NPTEFirst, I want to THANK YOU, TEP! I took my NPTE boards last week, July 21, and found out I passed this week!

After two failed NPTE attempts, I knew it wasn’t my knowledge base (as I felt confident that I could recite you the O’Sullivan book), but rather my test taking abilities and anxiety. I was able to remain calm throughout this whole process and this time felt differently. I didn’t psych myself out, I remained confident and was able to succeed!

I think one of the important, if not the most important, thing I learned was reading the question from the bottom up. I have never been a bad test taker, even throughout graduate school. I never had anxiety, I took the test and moved on. I never debated the answer, whether I knew it or not. I answered what I felt was right and moved on, never second guessing and I always did exceptionally well.

Throughout my first NPTE attempt, I could feel that changing. There was so much riding on this test that I felt the need to overanalyze and play ever role in my head to use my clinical experience. Turns out, that hindered me a lot. As, I learned to read the question backwards it didn’t give me a chance to do all the over thinking, rather answer the question and move on. I didn’t debate with myself and I felt more confident. I did have some worries that my anxiety and insecurities would get the best of me since it was my third time taking the test but I would insistently dismiss the thoughts and think confidently as TEP taught us. I succeeded and I am very thankful for the support and all that TEP had to offer.

So, secondly, to answer some of the questions in the email. I found the active participation to be extremely helpful. It kept me on top of my study game and allowed me to think outside of the academic box. From the active daily clinical discussions to the webinars  (which I thoroughly appreciated the NPTE practice questions) I thought it was all very appropriate and helpful. I also enjoyed the feedback from the staff and others involved. I agree that you get out as much as you put in and daily I would do my assignments and post actively, whether it be the clinical discussions or being active by checking the resources and watching the webinars. All were extremely helpful to me. As I mentioned, academically I had it down. But clinically I would get tripped up. The assignments on TEP made me think differently and allowed me to practice thinking more clinically and become more prepared. I am thankful for the help and support through my journey to pass the NPTE. I only wish I had known about TEP the second time I took the NPTE!

So, finally… thank you again, TEP for all your help! I appreciated that TEP made me feel normal and not “dumb” for failing but rather that this is doable and to change my attitude and believe in myself. I mean I did pass and have my doctorate after all. I honestly don’t know if I would’ve changed my attitude and definitely know, I wouldn’t have read the questions from bottom up if I hadn’t joined TEP. So, with just that I know the course was 100% worth it. I will be sure to recommend this to others taking the NPTE.

Thank you again,
Jaime Connolly

Preparing for the NPTE or NPTAE requires more than just studying for the exam in an academic way. It’s an endurance exam that requires your attention in different aspects of studying, preparing, mentally and physically as well as test taking skills. The practical strategies provided in TEP provides a progressive approach towards the exam to be able to handle any type of question and scenario that is provided. Learn how to approach the NPTE as well as how to handle all types of patients by clicking here: Therapy Exam Prep Enrollment

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