Chana Engel Passes the NPTE with TEP!

Chana Engel passes the NPTEChana wanted to share her testimonial about passing her NPTE with Therapy Exam Prep. Previously, Chana emailed me about her successful passage “I took the NPTE and thank god I just found out that I passed!!!!!!!! I want to thank you and all your team members for the tremendous dedication, preparation of hand outs and lectures, patience and guidance that you provide to help others be successful as they continue down their path toward being a PT. I am so grateful for having found TEP on the web and for all it was able to give to me to help get to where I am now. I wish you much success in helping others down this journey. I hope others find this as helpful as i have!!!”

Here’s what she wanted to share with others about being in the online NPTE webinar program. “TEP has provided me with easy tips and tools to approach the NPTE in a relaxed frame of mind. Eating the right foods and integrating physical activity into your lifestyle is a prudent component to a healthy, focused and relaxed mindset. TEP helped me realize that its not always to your benefit to study 12 hrs a day because your mind needs to process what you learned. TEP allowed and encouraged me to do the things I loved at the same time as studying. Life does not need to be put on hold in order to succeed down this journey. To those who may be reading this, do not give up on your dream. If you made it this far, you are capable of passing this exam. Good Luck to all!”  Chana Engel