Aaron Ploshnick“Three months ago, I was a different test-taker than I am today. A lot of that is because of the time and effort that the people who work for Therapy Exam Prep put into making me successful and confident enough to pass the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE)!”

Three months ago, I felt like a man who had been broken. I was a new grad having just come off a 2nd unsuccessful attempt at the NPTE. Things like school had always come easily to me before….what was wrong with how I was preparing for this test? In that first couple of days post-test, I was constantly wondering what I could do to avoid falling victim to the pressures of a 5-hour standardized computer exam that stood between myself and my future career.
I was PANICKING, to say the least!

In those few days after the January 27th, 2016 NPTE, I reached out to any and all who could help me in accomplishing what was necessary to advance my career. I consulted with many individuals offering one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, and other structured study options. When I spoke to Miye at TEP, something felt different.

Therapy Exam Prep not only had a plan to help me be successful but taught me how to approach the test from a clinical perspective rather than solely an academic viewpoint. They offered me 50+ On-Demand topic videos, system overviews, health plans, test-taking strategies, relaxation strategies, and their tips on how to avoid common exam mistakes. The “Exam Analysis” assignments facilitated my development of “focus topics” and helped to narrow the core of what parts of the test I needed to further improve on. The online webinars offered the ability to practice test questions live and in a time-sensitive manner, deliberately designed to improve efficiency in test-taking. Group discussions during these webinars also helped me to see rationales from differing viewpoints and bettered my understanding of topics.

On the day of the April 27th, 2016 NPTE, I arrived at the Prometric Test Center, calm and confident, and was able to progress through the exam with ease. As I navigated topics that seemed all too familiar from the past several months of focused studying, a sense of relief washed over me as I clicked the final button on the computer screen. I had a great “gut feeling” leaving the building!

Today, I am sitting here a more confident test-taker, ready to make my impact on the field of Physical Therapy. TEP helped me to keep me focused on reaching my goals and I can’t thank Miye, Karen, and the staff enough for their dedication to the program’s participants, and to myself!


Aaron P, NJ Licensed Physical Therapist

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