Norman Mecwan passes the NPTEFirstly, I would like to thank Miye and her entire team of TEP (especially Karen) for all the guidance and support throughout the program. Overall my TEP journey for the NPTE was awesome and I enjoyed the experience a lot. I learned lots of new things while in the program. It was a great learning experience.

I have passed the July 21st NPTE with a scale score of 634 on my second attempt. After failing the NPTE in January, I was disappointed because I had prepared a lot for the physical therapy board exam. After joining TEP, I realized that my clinical knowledge was not as sufficient for the NPTE. TEP taught me many new important topics which are essential to pass the NPTE. I would say, everything is good about TEP; however, the best part I found to be helpful were the weekly LIVE WEBINARS and FORUM.

If you guys keep searching on the forums, you will definitely find out new information for the NPTE, new questions that you weren’t aware of and with reasonable answers provided by staff and other current members. I personally experienced this wealth of information. It is worth spending the money and I would recommend to  any that are willing to actively participate in TEP’s program. I improved my score by 88 points from my previous attempt after joining TEP.

My advice is to believe in GOD, yourself and to share your doubts, thoughts and knowledge with others. “That’s the only key to success.”

Thank you,

Norman Mecwan

Preparing for the NPTE or NPTAE requires more than just studying for the exam in an academic way. It’s an endurance exam that requires your attention in different aspects of studying, preparing, mentally and physically as well as test taking skills. The practical strategies provided in TEP provides a progressive approach towards the exam to be able to handle any type of question and scenario that is provided.

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