Sally KippsTherapy Exam Prep was recommended to me by a past candidate. On commencement of my 4 months of NPTE preparation, I felt extremely anxious about the exam and the implications if I failed. After watching the first few videos I felt very supported and much more comfortable with the journey.

Miye and her team are amazingly knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed, as well as the common emotions and challenges candidates experience along the way. The first thing I needed to do was to trust their method and to change my mindset around what I thought I needed to do to pass.

Realizing the NPTE is not an academic exam

Like so many others, I thought I needed to read the study guides cover to cover and learn everything about the NPTE academically. Following TEP’s guidance around how to develop focus topics, a study plan and then executing the study was a massive shift for me but wow it really worked. I also needed to trust and shift my previous methods of answering multiple choice questions. Following the TEP exam process was what led me to my success but it did take practice.

It is hard to pinpoint just one part of the program I found most beneficial because I got so much out of all of it. I think for me, aside from the exam process of course, I really benefitted from the variety of study methods TEP taught me i.e. videos, webinars, assignments, forums, textbook referencing, web searches, definitions etc. It took the monotony out of studying and allowed me to do harder methods on days I felt strong and easier things like watching a video on days I felt tired. It was also really good to learn that I needed to listen to my body and to do more on days I felt good and less on days I felt not so good. For sure not doing more than 6 hours a day is key.

I overcame a lot of anxiety with TEP’s support and teachings. I also overcame rigid ideas I had about how I should study, and how I should answer MC questions, which I can now see would have not led to my NPTE success.

I think every candidate should partake in TEP for at least 3 months.

One piece of advice I would give candidates is to listen to and trust the TEP methods. They really work. It takes a bit of time to avoid the urge to go back to old study habits, but it is well worth that leap of faith.

I owe so much to Miye and her team, as well as the other candidates partaking in the course with me. I don’t think anyone should go through this process alone. It is very challenging but with TEP’s support and methods, it can be enjoyable and help you relax a lot. Thank you to TEP.

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