Ellen Bond passes the NPTEHi I’m Ellen and TEP was recommended to me by a fellow alumnus of my university and I am very glad I took her advice and enrolled. Finding out I passed after the fourth attempt felt AMAZING and I owe a lot of thanks to TEP!

After two failed attempts at passing the NPTE, I was at a loss as to what I should do but I knew that I needed to change my approach to studying. I contacted Miye and we discussed my previous attempts and what TEP could offer me and I immediately enrolled in January 2015. The program ended just before I took the NPTE in April, which resulted in another failed attempt but I was determined to be successful in my NPTE journey. I continued to implement what I learned in TEP and took the NPTE for the fourth and final time in July and PASSED!!!

Throughout my journey with TEP, I learned a lot about myself and the NPTE itself. I found the support within TEP very helpful from the staff to my peers on the same NPTE or NPTAE journey. I discovered that the live weekly webinars were extremely helpful to me as they provided three questions on a specific topic and the rationale to the correct and incorrect answers. Talking through the rationale with my peers helped me to make sure I wasn’t reading too much into the questions and overanalyzing or missing key information. In addition, the webinars helped me to implement the test taking strategy.

The test taking strategy taught through TEP was the most beneficial aspect of the program. Reading the question from start to finish, which I did prior to TEP, is very time consuming and sometimes unnecessary in order to answer the question correctly. I learned that starting with the STEM is more efficient and less time consuming which boosted my confidence.

My confidence and fear of failing again were my biggest obstacles to overcome. Throughout the program I successfully completed assignments, correctly answered questions in the live webinars, improved in my practice exam scores, understood difficult subjects and successfully implemented the test taking strategy, which all contributed to increased confidence in turn decreasing my fear of failing.

I would recommend TEP to anyone who is preparing to take either the NPTE or the NPTAE. The strategies that are taught and the resources provided in TEP were important in the successful completion of my NPTE journey and I would want others to have the same success. I would tell anyone that is preparing to take the NTPE to be confident in your knowledge and clinical application and have a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle as the NPTE isn’t just an academic exam.

Best of preparation to all on their NPTE journey!

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