Gwenn Reynolds - Passed the NPTAEI’m one of the many foreign graduates of Physical Therapy of the 1990’s and trying to find my way back in the loop of the field of Physical Therapy after 19 years. Reviewing for the NPTAE can be really hard and very challenging.

Prior to joining the TEP program, I enrolled in a basic course online in order to help refresh my knowledge and to help prepare to take the NPTAE. Although it was helpful it geared toward academic thinking. I was browsing the FSBPT website and they recommended TEP so I enrolled into the program. I decided to take the plunge and review using TEP’s holistic approach by being prepared emotionally, physically, as well  as intellectually. One of my favorite quotes is:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” I have just taken my FIRST step by enrolling into the TEP program. I am definitely undertaking a journey whenever I attempt to learn NEW information or review old information. My BEST chance of success is an organized, steady plan of learning. I started slowly, one step at a time, and aim to ultimately reach my goal of passing the NPTAE on first attempt.

TEP’s program helped me to focus the important subjects to study, how to study smarter and think clinically. The constant online support helped me to overcome my fears and anxiety. I always look forward to the live webinars twice a week.

The key to passing the NPTAE is to use the TEP’s exam process where I was taught how to approach each question in a systematic way. Practice makes perfect! I have taken 8-10 full length practice exams. Just think of the NPTAE as a marathon. I would highly recommend that you purchase the PEAT and include it in your mix of practice exams; it gives you a feel on how the real NPTAE is like on the screen.

I am eternally grateful to GOD for guidance, thanks to my family and to Miye and TEP team- Karen, Kitty and Rafael. Your course has proven to be very helpful to those re-entering the workforce and those preparing to take the NPTAE.
Thank you TEP and it’s just a matter of time, my ultimate goal is to finally pass the PT Boards.

Gwenn Reynolds

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