Rachael Huffman, PTA wanted to share her experience with Therapy Exam Prep’s program:

Rachael Huffman passes the PTA ExamI took the TEP course as recommended by my program PTA chairman. I was given Miye’s contact information and I was able to get a seat within the course. This course outlines everything Physical Therapy related and although, it is mostly geared towards the DPT, I still found it to be very beneficial. Obviously, there are things that PTAs are unable to do so you learn your role as a PTA but the overall information both apply to what the DPT and PTA should know or have an idea about.

I found that webinars, forums, worksheets, study strategies and general assignments really helped me to think more clinically as opposed to academically and saw each questions as a patient instead of just words. The best part I would have to say were the webinars because you get to go through questions together and ask any questions you might have during that time. You also learn how to pick apart the questions and more importantly how to answer them. As Miye would say, using the strategies you should be able to answer any questions even if you are not very familiar with the material.

I learned several strategies on how to ease my mind and reduce my fears and anxiety that came along with sitting for this exam. I learned that guided meditation, regular exercise, eating clean and actually writing the words “I HAVE PASSED” helped me to see myself in the role of a PTA and I became more confident.

I would recommend this course to anyone that is preparing to sit for the PTA exam, needs a very thorough review, a little extra understanding of material and wants to pass the exam but needs helpful strategies. Best wishes to you! Do not give up and keep studying it will pay off in the end.

Preparing for the NPTE or NPTAE requires more than just studying for the exam in an academic way. It’s an endurance exam that requires your attention in different aspects of studying, preparing, mentally and physically as well as test taking skills. The practical strategies provided in TEP provides a progressive approach towards the exam to be able to handle any type of question and scenario that is provided. Learn how to approach the NPTE as well as how to handle all types of patients by clicking here: Therapy Exam Prep Enrollment.

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